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  • Akka framework

    Introduction to Akka framework

      Akka is an open source framework for developing concurrent and distributed applications. Akka supports actor based programming model for resolving the ... Read more

    Understanding Rundeck…

    Rundeck is an open-source tool that helps to define build, deploy and manage automation. It provides web console, CLI tools, and a Web API. It is written in Java and... Read more
    Docker Engine

    Docker Demystified…

    Containers VS Virtual Machines Virtual Machines (VMs) and Containers differ only on few dimensions; while VMs provide a virtualized environment to run multiple OS i... Read more
    Katalon Studio

    Introducing Katalon Studio…

    As test engineers, we are well aware that reusability, scalability, improving test coverage and time and effort saving are the primary benefits of test automation. C... Read more
    United Payment Interface

    Unified Payments Interface

    Dawn of the Digital Economy At the turn of the century, digitization of the economy has become the speediest factor driving globalization. This new and faster payme... Read more
    Artificial Intelligence

    Understanding Machine Learning…

    Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Data Analytics, Deep Learning .... Have you been hearing many jargons like these, more strongly than ever these days, yet ... Read more
    Beacons and Location-Based Services

    Five New Trends in iOS 2018

    Below are five new trends that will elevate iOS in 2018: Augmented Reality If you are a person who constantly checks mobile application trends, then Augmented Re... Read more
    Start, Camera, Action Replay 2017!

    Start, Camera, Action Replay 2017!

    Time sure flies! 2017 is wrapping up, leaving behind the memories of an action-packed year for ThinkPalm. The year saw us increase our clientele by an incredible 65%... Read more
    AR, VR and MR

    Introduction to Mixed Reality

    Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are all terms used interchangeably in many scenarios. But they have inherently different meanings in the realm o... Read more

    Blockchain – Simplified

    If you have been keeping an eye on the tech trends being discussed on magazines and social media, there’s a slim chance of missing the latest buzzword – Blockcha... Read more
    Appium Architecture

    Appium – The Mobile Automater

    Mobile Application Testing Mobile technology is at its zenith, impacting the everyday lives of people. Together with customer apps, enterprise apps are evolving as ... Read more
    Android Studio 3.0

    A Quick Look at Android Studio 3.0

    In Google I/O 2017, a lot of exciting announcements were made public by Google and one of them was the latest update of Android Studio to version 3.0. Google decided... Read more
    Selenium Test Automation Framework Architecture

    Selenium Test Automation Framework

    Selenium community provides a suite of tools for web application testing, out of which Selenium WebDriver is an advanced tool having native support with multiple br... Read more
    Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline

    Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline

    In the year 2001, the Agile software development methodology changed the landscape of software development with the introduction of agile development. The agile mov... Read more
    Promising Values Beyond Profession

    Promising Values Beyond Profession

    Does an organization’s might depend solely on its technical competence? Or is there something beyond the four walls and professional relationships that add value t... Read more
    MQTT High Level Architecture

    Let’s Get MQTT Rolling!

    MQTT stands for Message Queue Telemetry Transport. As its name suggests, it's a protocol for transporting messages between two points. Sure, we've got messenger and ... Read more
    Selenium WebDriver with Python

    Selenium WebDriver with Python

    Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. Though it might seem similar to QTP, Selenium focuses solely on web based application testing while QTP ... Read more
    ThinkLife - ThinkPalm's CSR Forum

    ThinkLife – Life has a Meaning!

    ThinkPalm’s social philosophy pivots on our commitment to the wider society through various social initiatives. Serving the society is just not a practice but a cu... Read more
    Let's go for Google Go!

    Let’s go for Google Go!

    In 2007 Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson from Google developed a programming language that came to be known as “GO”. Like several other high-level pro... Read more
    Big Data - Overview

    Big Data and Predictive Analytics

    We all know that ‘Big Data & Analytics’ is the emerging trend in the IT industry. The fact that 90% of the data today was created in the last two years is no... Read more
    A Day in the Life of a Test Lead

    A Day in a Test Lead’s Life

    In different companies, the role of Test Lead may handle similar kinds of activities but their engagement levels may vary based on the projects, clients, organizatio... Read more
    OpenNMS Functionalities

    OpenNMS – an Overview…

    Networks, there is no skepticism on the paramount role it plays in any organization. But, what is vital to reckon is that, they need to be governed - particularly wi... Read more
    Life at ThinkPalm

    Life at ThinkPalm…

    Well to describe my association with ThinkPalm, I can say only one word "Wow!!". But this journey had some moments which were touching and require a special mention... Read more
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