ThinkPalm – Resilient, Adaptive and Soaring like a Dandelion!
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Anand Bhadran February 4, 2016

It’s an amazing flower that everyone is familiar about. You would have found it in the backyard in childhood, played with it and blown its seeds. There were beliefs then like the direction the seeds flew was the right course to pursue your luck.

You were amazed to find it to so resilient in tough weather. Being a tap rooted biennial, it popped again and again in your back yard with time. If you ever tried to remove it, you found its roots holding so well into the ground.

Whenever it rained, Dandelion shut the seed cluster like an adaptive umbrella and the very next morning it flung back with the sunshine. For you Dandelion meant faithfulness, happiness, desire.

Christians used to consider those blowing seeds as dissemination of teachings of Christ. Ancient Romans thought of Dandelion as a symbol of fertility and abundance. In Persia, they realized it was one of best herbs against toxins, ailments etc. It’s sometimes even found in your Coffee and Salad recipes. We are re-brandingThinkPalm and presenting it to you this year. And this small flower has inspired us a lot with its characteristics.

ThinkPalm - Resilient, Adaptive and Soaring Collectively
Resilient, Adaptive and Soaring Collectively

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The Dandelion flower with its pretty puff of seeds; has a resonance to the People who work, associate and grow along with ThinkPalm. Its the individual seeds that collectively bring beauty to the entire flower.A single flower can have almost 170 seeds which allows it to grow in abundance in a large area. We have achieved a stage where we are able to rethink and Innovate further based on our capabilities to serve and grow to a large geography.

We are indebted to our Partners for achieving the deep rooted foundation like a dandelion. Also there is more openness in engaging and growing alongside new entities. At ThinkPalm we are focused on serving smart solutions that influence customer experience on daily life. Like the flower which is found always on your backyard; the solutions of ThinkPalm are built to withstand and serve a long time.

We look forward to continuing fruitful relationships and realizing new opportunities along with this revised outlook. Thanks for everyone who has been part of this process of rediscovering ourselves.