InterPlay – Digital Signage and Content Management Solution
ThinkPalm Solutions
Sreenandh S June 24, 2016

In today’s age of exploding mass media and visual communication, consumers are exposed to a plethora of advertising messages. How do you break through all that advertising clutter and imprint your brand name in your target audience’s minds? It’s simple. Make sure your messaging is unique and dynamic to make it highly engaging for your customer! InterPlay, our digital signage and content management solution, serves the exact purpose.

A comprehensive, unique and powerful communication framework, Interplay provides unmatched opportunities to attract your target customers with compelling images and attention grabbing messages. The end result? Enhanced brand value, improved customer experience and sales!

InterPlay - Digital Singage and Content Management Solution

InterPlay empowers you to design, manage and transmit advertising and multimedia content across multiple screens at multiple locations, with the help of a Signage Viewer, Content Editor/Manager and Content Delivery Server. The messaging can be controlled remotely using a computer or mobile device and modified/updated as per your requirement. The digital signage solution supports iOS, Android and Windows Platforms.

Customizability is the high point of the solution! Customers can directly address the target audience with customized, dynamic content such as video, image, webpage, telop (scroll), text, QR code and other mobile applications. Users can create playlists of multiple splits with split resizing capability, orientation and resolution, run different playlists in a sequential manner and schedule playlists on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Viewers can be grouped and playlists can be sent to the group or individual viewers.

InterPlay helps you manage your content at the click of a button. It helps to remotely view and control viewers who run the application and update the software. With administrative privilege, customers can manage terminal groups and different viewers within the groups. Logs and errors are provided for each viewer terminal.

Here’s what makes Interplay a cut above the other digital signage solutions!

•Delivery of relevant message at the right time, at the right place, capturing attention and enabling interaction with the end user.

•Customization of content based on the demographics of the audience. Scheduling and content changes can be made quickly and remotely.

•A unique delivery model of messages to targeted audience at each location.

•Placement at multiple locations including airports, retail outlets, restaurants, banks and streets, helping you reach out to customers everywhere.

•Customer friendly user interfaces with centralized control of multiple displays from a single point.

•Immediate updating feature for real time update of all messages, instantaneously!

•Elimination of printing and distribution costs associated with changing campaigns, facilitating on-the-spot delivery of information at no additional cost.

•End-user Interaction, enhancing user experience.

Retailers, digital advertisers and eCommerce business are gaining easy access to highly critical end-user profiles and preferences, along with their altering usage patterns and interests. End users can physically interact with promotional contents and seek specific information, unlike in mass media. The real time response, versatile operating style and integrated support for all major file formats makes InterPlay a stand-apart software solution!