ThinkLife – Life has a Meaning!
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Sangeetha Sreekumar November 11, 2016

ThinkPalm’s social philosophy pivots on our commitment to the wider society through various social initiatives. Serving the society is just not a practice but a culture at ThinkPalm. Together we discover the joy of service to humanity through our CSR forum ThinkLife.

Every member at ThinkPalm contributes to our CSR initiative either through volunteering their time, fundraising or donations to make this forum more effective. We believe in doing our bit to bring about a positive difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Through many initiatives, ThinkLife engage in ensuring monetary, physical and morale support for the needy. Here is a run-through of our initiatives and services.

ThinkLife is associated with the Cochin Cancer Society to help people with cancer and their loved ones by funding the financial support they need for the treatment. We’re proud to be supporting Cochin Cancer society’s “Save Your Mother” campaign, targeted towards the attainment of breast cancer awareness, by developing “Save Your Mother” app which helps get all the information needed to prevent, detect and treat cancer .Truly echoes our organization’s commitment to ensuring the health of women!


ThinkLife gives priority to support references from our employees of someone who has financial needs because of a serious medical situation. For various such references put forth by our employees, we have funded their medical treatments. Some due diligent efforts are made by the volunteers to make sure that we support the right kind of charitable causes and the fund reaches the hands of those who really need support.

Thinklife celebrates the joy of giving and giving not only limits to monetary donations! Through a rice donation challenge, we earned enough rice to donate to a significant number of needy persons. It was awesome to get all involved in the challenge!

We derive happiness by just not giving but also caring; visits to old age homes, orphanages and more are part of this forum’s activity.

ThinkLife believes in doing every small thing with much love and care including fundraising events such as auction sale of books, organic vegetables, paintings and potluck. The forum also supports like-minded people and other forums working to effect positive social change.

ThinkLife has received many recognitions for its outstanding work. ThinkLife banner has been rated as the best social initiative among Synergy group companies. We were honoured by I.M.A voluntary donor blood bank for the effort and commitment in organizing blood donation camps. All recognitions are true inspirations for us to undertake many more such social initiatives.

Our motto is to strive to make a difference in the lives of our fellow-beings and our environment. We would continue to live our values of social responsibility in everything we do.

ThinkLife – Life has a meaning!