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What Is Fintech And Why Your Company Requires Fintech Services?


Fintech is a term used to describe financial technology, an enterprise incorporating any sort of technology in financial services, including both businesses and consumers.
Fintech applications and products are intended to connect consumers with technology easy financial management, revolutionizing the way consumers access their finances.

Nowadays, with the advancements in financial technology, it is possible to trade stocks, manage large funds or insurance and even pay for food with just a smartphone.
Consumers all around the globe are looking for ingenious service propositions that can make their shopping, payment, banking etc easier, therefore urging more companies to come up with innovative fintech solutions.

Services and Solutions For The Financial Industry

ThinkPalm's Fintech services enable enterprises to develop and leverage innovative technologies to explore unique digital opportunities for their business. ​​​With our Fintech services; enterprises, business owners and customers can adequately manage their financial operations deepening enterprise-client relationships. Our customized FinTech services offer companies to transform their financial services, deploying user-friendly and efficient sales.

Our FinTech Services Include

Share Market
Value Syncing
Keep tab on the rise and fall of stocks on a daily basis and stay updated every minute with the current share market value.
Foreign Exchange
Rate Syncing
We provide a trusted resource to help you monitor the foreign exchange rate and stay aware of the latest currency prices.
Automated People Background Verification
Automated background screening eliminates manual data entry and makes it easier to upload documents in a few clicks
Application Form Generation
Easy to build and implement any type of online forms and manage workflows with application form generation and digital signature integration
Bank Statement Processing
Increase efficiency and save time, our bank statement processing functionality supports multiple banking scenarios in your business
Payment Processing
Connect your business with customers and execute global transaction at your fingertips with our easy payment processing services.

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