How The Internet of Things (IoT) Has Revolutionized The Healthcare Industry
Internet of Things (IoT)
Ricky Philip January 24, 2020

IoT In Healthcare

The world’s approach to health has changed a lot over the years, with the invention of smart wearables and applications the overall level of innovations and connectivity in modern medical equipment have developed the healthcare industry

Medical data doubles every three years and the trillion-dollar health industry is unable to keep up with the staggering rate in which information is produced. From medical records, direct trials and research to personal fitness bands, implanted devices and other sensors; IoT devices are able to collect real-time data equivalent to millions of health-related books.

IoT brings together vast amounts of needed data into one centralized hub on the cloud, combining analytics with advanced cognitive capabilities.

IoT in the healthcare industry allows medical centers to operate more efficiently and patients can receive more suitable treatment. With the use of this technology-based healthcare method, there are exceptional advantages which could improve the effectiveness and quality of treatments, therefore improving patient health. 

Benefits of IoT In Healthcare

Patient Monitoring And Report Generation

IoT In Healthcare

With the implementation of IoT, doctors can monitor their patients in real-time with the help of connected devices such as smartwatches or implanted devices. Medical conditions of the patients will be generated to the doctors in the form of reports, also doctors or local guardians will be alerted when the patient faces an emergency.  

With the help of a mobile application, these connected devices are able to collect medical and health data furthermore transfer this collected information to a physician.

Connect With Physicians Anytime, Anywhere

IoT In Healthcare

The latest news and research study proves that the Internet of things in healthcare will enable instant information exchange between patients and doctors, it will assist physicians to remotely treat patients who are in different geographical locations. Interoperability, safe communication and precise analysis make IoT in healthcare more effective. Therefore, patients no longer have to travel great distances or undergo expensive scans; with IoT, the technology-driven service brings down the expense, by bringing down regular checkups and enhancing the planning and allocation.

Quick Tracking And Instant Alerts

IoT In Healthcare

Real-time alerts and notifications are crucial during life-threatening incidents. Reports and notifications give a definite evaluation of a patient’s health, irrespective of location and circumstance. It additionally aids physicians in making critical decisions and provides better treatment to patients based on the report from their IoT device.
The Internet of things explores different aspects of healthcare through real-time patient monitoring and health data analysis. At ThinkPalm, our IoT services can help you harness this digital potential and compete in this increasingly connected world.

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