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Why Your Business Requires ThinkPalm’s SD-WAN Solutions?


SD-WAN is the future of WAN services that offers cloud-enabled, scalable, transport-independent WAN solutions. NetvirE is an SD-WAN offering from ThinkPalm that optimizes WAN connectivity for enterprise and IoT use cases. It provides a cloud-enabled centralized control center for WAN services with flexible endpoints using intelligent paths that are transport-independent.

Using ThinkPalm’s Software-defined WAN solutions, your business can easily interconnect between branch offices and remote locations. If your business is still hung onto the traditional MPLS-based network, it’s about time to rethink your network connectivity and implement a virtual network. With the help of our SD-WAN architecture, businesses can effortlessly connect data centers and several branch offices to increase network performance as well as decrease hardware costs. Our SDN/NFV experts can also help your business seamlessly migrate to an SD-WAN architecture.

Accelerating Your Businesses Digital Transformation With NetvirE

NetvirE provides a cost-effective WAN solution by controlling circuit costs with the combination of lightweight Edges and seamless integration using opensource components

Unlock significant business opportunities & accelerate innovation at scale.

Major functionalities

Easily customizable, cloud-enabled, centralized management and orchestration module with predefined dashboards.
Lightweight HUB-SPOKE topology with Inbuilt Multitenancy support for centralized components.
Centralized SD-WAN
control plane
Software defined wide area networking control plane module that is entirely based on an SDN controller.
Connectivity with
SaaS solutions
SD-WAN policy modules for supporting secured and prioritized connectivity with enterprise SaaS solutions
Intelligent network
Network analytics components that helps to provide and enable intelligent network ecosystem.
Inhouse hybrid
cloud deployments
Inhouse and hybrid cloud deployments components that assist in zero-touch provisioning.

Enjoy The Feasibility Of Controlling Your Entire Network

ThinkPalm SD-WAN solution implements a centralized controller function to privately and effectively regulate traffic across the wide-area network. This enhances application performance, providing improved business productivity, user experience and reduced costs for infrastructure.

  • Implements application-aware policy-making and hybrid cloud strategies that make it suitable for various enterprise verticals including retail, travel, healthcare etc.
  • The NFV Edge provides seamless connectivity with IoT endpoints.
  • Uses segmentation and secure overlays with better encryption and certification management for security.
  • It provides various functional modules to address different enterprise business needs which can be integrated into a step by step manner; which in turn helps enterprises to have a strategic replacement of existing systems.
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