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Unleashing Innovation:
A Cutting-Edge Industrial IoT Platform

NetvirE is an innovative Industrial IoT platform specifically crafted for the rapid development and deployment of customized IIOT solutions in line with the demands of Industry 4.0. NetvirE's potential in constructing digital twins of your site assets facilitates the journey toward operational excellence. Process-based digital twins in NetvirE effortlessly integrate diverse data sets, delivering real-time insights into asset and production performance. Elevate your efficiency with NetvirE's cutting-edge platform components.

Embrace the versatility of NetvirE's component-based design, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure while introducing cutting-edge components for a well-rounded solution. This flexibility ensures a perfect balance between legacy capabilities and modern features. NetvirE's potential shines through its ability to provide futuristic insights, harnessing the power of advanced AI and ML technologies. It stands as a true game-changer in the realm of IoT solutions.

Moreover, NetvirE offers users the convenience of deployment either on-premises or in hybrid cloud environments. Its scalable infrastructure, based on data loads, allows for effortless integration with any device. Experience the future of IoT with NetvirE.

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Explore NetvirE: An Adaptable, Future-Ready Platform with Edge Cloud Architecture

At its essence, the NetvirE Platform comprises two core components, unlocking countless opportunities.

The intelligent and flexible NetvirE Edge infrastructure, at the edge of your network, ensures seamless connectivity across traditional industry protocols and state-of-the-art wireless systems such as LoRA. With pluggable local processing capabilities, built-in secure connectivity features, and vendor-neutral hardware support, NetvirE Edge provides a tailored solution for your industry-side connectivity needs.

NetvirE Cloud, NetvirE's centralized cloud-native infrastructure, seamlessly facilitating data flow from your sites through the NetvirE Edge. With versatile cloud connectivity protocol support, ranging from IPSEC tunnels to secure message brokers, NetvirE ensures compatibility with various requirements. Its data lake capabilities establish it as the ideal hub for organizing and storing asset data, essential for crafting your digital twins.

The built-in enterprise ecosystem further enhances its appeal, offering support for multitenant SaaS modules and advanced AI/ML components. NetvirE stands as the top choice for developing IIoT enterprise solutions across diverse verticals. Unique features like Open API and data injection components make it a distinctive companion, ensuring swift connectivity with your enterprise solutions.

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NetvirE Enterprise: Facilitating Rapid Adoption of Industry 4.0

In today's dynamic landscape, the rapid adoption of digitalization is imperative for organizational success. NetvirE's enterprise solutions, built upon its innovative Edge and cloud components tailored for various industries, offer an excellent starting point for your digitalization journey. With built-in multitenant SaaS support and extensive enterprise features, NetvirE provides an ideal foundation for your solution.

Our NetvirE experts are here to guide you in crafting strategies and selecting components that align with your needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness and seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

Integrating AI and ML components, NetvirE offers efficient solutions to address complex business requirements swiftly. NetvirE Enterprise stands as the perfect solution for your organization, offering advanced digital representations of your factories and assets, live dashboards, and built-in business workflows for alarms and proactive maintenance. Furthermore, its power and space management capabilities offer a visual representation of your ROI, making NetvirE the optimal choice for your digitalization journey.

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NetvirE – An Advanced Cloud Native Edge
Computing IIoT Suite

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Applications Of NetvirE

NetVirE's versatility extends across industries and can be used seamlessly in:

Smart Cities
Environmental Monitoring
Wildlife Conservation

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