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We offer you a complete technical document development and maintenance service that helps accomplish the content goals for your processes, products, and services.

With technology easing its way into more and more complexities while minimalizing the human effort for operation, time calls for the streamlined delivery of product information, from the very phase of sales to deployment. If you still think a good, efficient product help is beyond the scope of user experience improvement, ThinkPalm would love to help you explore the opportunities on the other side.

Comprehending the reality that good training and continued feeding of product info to its customers are as important as delivering the actual product itself in its full quality, especially when you want them to explore the full potential of your product, organizations compete to dispatch new and well-structured methods of technical documentation. With marketing white papers that double as first-look product guides and software-integrated interactive help pages, product user manuals have traveled way too far from where it started, and we’d want to join hands with you to help tread the path of advanced documentation, and see how advantageous of a journey it will be.

Upgrade to Newer Levels of Customer Satisfaction with ThinkPalm’s Technical Documentation Service

Our high-quality technical documentation reflects your company’s commitment to creating concise and customized documents that can efficiently explain how to handle, maintain, and service a product. Regardless of which point you’re at now on the course of evolving documentation for your customers, our well-demonstrated technical documentation squad can always back you up, and help you plant your feet many steps ahead of your competition, with improved customer satisfaction and product efficiency. Even if you’re taking baby steps into product documentation, we can be there for you – from choosing the right tools and infrastructure all the way through deciding on the publication channel of choice.


  • Unlock Your Product’s Potential
  • Drastically Bring Down Support Efforts and Costs
  • Improve Customer Relations and Satisfaction
  • Uphold Product Quality with Persistent Integrated Help

Unlock significant business opportunities & accelerate innovation at scale.

    ThinkPalm’s dedicated squad of engineers and writers constantly keep track of product development and client interactions to methodically generate the most optimized and efficient documentation outputs ranging from SRS and FRS documents, print and online guides and help, installation and deployment guides, training and troubleshooting guides, release and patch notes with version control etc. Incorporating the use of documentation software and tools from well-known providers like Adobe, Microsoft, and Madcap, the squad is equipped to fulfill any documentation requirement that comes our way.
    Auxiliary to product documentation the technical documentation squad also offers to produce for you creative and systematic process flow diagrams, workflows, screen mock-ups and wireframes as per the SRS and FRS.
    Our squad is made up of exquisite writers who churns out a multitude of document types with ease, be it a technical guide strictly adhering to the client’s style guide or a very sales-pitched marketing white paper. With multiple years of experience and unparalleled talents behind the desks, the technical documentation squad is up for anything you demand, as long as it involves writing.
    We have dedicated resources backed by software engineers and analysts to generate documentation for Software Development Kits and APIs. Using a variety of mainstream API documentation tools, ThinkPalm’s TDaaS is ever ready to take up the task upon request.

Tools & Expertise

Adobe RoboHelp
Creates media-rich documents in a wide spectrum of output formats. Offers extensive support to mark-up languages and a delectable UI.
Madcap Flare
Streamline and optimize online and print documentation. Creates versatile user experience with flawless content management.
Adobe FrameMaker
Excellent with both structured and unstructured documents. Convenient interface to create high-quality print and online documentation.
Confluence Wiki
Simple yet highly-scalable online Wiki offering. Possess substantial team collaboration and document socializing abilities. and Mockingbird
Develop real-like, interactive product prototypes and mock-ups for validation and analysis, without coding
Microsoft Office and Google Suites
Leverage these economic yet reliable and flexible cloud-enabled suites for online and offline information exchange.

Our experts can bring your product ideas to life with next-gen digital technologies!


Case Study

School Management System

An integrated, data-driven education platform powered by Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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B2B E-commerce Platform

A complete e-commerce platform with a web & mobile app to provide a seamless shopping & selling experience.

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Ship Management Software

A ship management software that handles the entire business process involved in managing a fleet of vessels.

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