How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predictions Can Drive Business Success
Artificial Intelligence
Ricky Philip October 28, 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just the future of your business; it can also predict the future of your business!

From futuristic sci-fi movies to tech articles, everyone is adamant about predicting humanity’s imminent extinction due to the malevolent intentions of advanced AI robots. But more than just reigning over humans, AI has another significant aim; to help improve our lives, especially our businesses.

Innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Intelligent Automation (IA) present immense opportunities for business owners. 

We all know how AI can automate routine monotonous tasks, take care of customers with smart AI chatbots and even enhance cancer treatment with cognitive computing. But can AI really predict the future of a business?

Let’s find out…

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer technology that mimics human cognitive processes to perform various tasks. Increasingly, such technologies are being used in complex algorithms and data analysis applications. AI is also used to automate tasks that were previously thought to require human intelligence, including automated text analysis, speech recognition and translation, image recognition and autonomous vehicles.

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses techniques and algorithms to replicate aspects of the human brain and its ability to learn, reason, solve problems, think and make decisions. This idea also known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables machines to use their own learning systems to accomplish tasks that otherwise require the human brain. These tasks include recognising patterns in data sets, understanding how objects interact with one another, making decisions based on experience and more.

Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades but has only recently become an important part of business transformation as we know it. AI provides companies with solutions that can help them increase their productivity while reducing costs by automating repetitive processes or helping employees complete tasks faster than they could manually.

AI for Software development

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Predict The Future Of Your Business?

Yes, AI can help businesses predict consumers’ behaviour and preferences. This is, in a way predicting the future of the business itself. Because AI understands what changes a business should implement to grow exponentially and what can cause a business’s downfall. It can enable business owners and entrepreneurs to take better decisions in their businesses. It can also provide data-driven insights that allow organisations to gain meaningful knowledge regarding their business operations and how they will perform in the future.

For example:

Supply giant Walmart has achieved a staggering 63% year-on-year increase in online sales for 11 consecutive quarters.

Walmart online success graph

How? With the help of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics! They were able to collect data instantaneously with the help of AI point-of-sale solutions and incorporate this data within their forecasts to assess which products are likely to sell out and which have underperformed. Combined with online behaviour patterns leveraged by smart AI analytics, they successfully prepared for the rise or fall in product demand.

With this understanding of product demands, businesses could focus on the right products and save money. Continuous losses could even break an organisation and put it out of business. This is where the significant benefits of AI predictions play a pivotal role in the success of a business. 

AI Case studies

Role Of AI in Business Prediction

1) AI can Predict Market Fluctuations

Artificial intelligence can predict what might happen in the future and how to optimize marketing strategies to reach a specific audience. Business marketing teams can use AI to predict how their customers might behave in the future and find the best strategy for incentivising them. This is especially useful for long-term campaigns when marketers have a lot of time to predict their customer’s behaviour. Artificial intelligence can also be used to investigate reasons behind customers’ preferences by predicting what kind of stimulus they are likely to respond positively or negatively to.

2) More Informed and Data-Based Decision Making

Artificial intelligence is becoming a vital part of the decision-making process in many industries. By incorporating artificial intelligence into the decision-making process, business owners can be able to make more informed and data-based decisions. AI can be used to collect and analyse data from many sources and then suggest possible actions for decision-makers to take. This technology is being used in numerous industries for any number of purposes, including product development and risk management.

AI for decision making

3) Understanding of Customer Needs and Preferences

AI will be able to understand customers’ needs and satisfaction with the help of cognitive analysis technology that comprises of machine learning and big data. Together, these technologies can help companies get insights into their customers’ expectations. 

Machine learning and big data are two of the most important components of artificial intelligence. Machine learning allows computers to learn from data and improve their performance over time. Big data is a term used to describe the large amount of data that is generated by businesses and organisations. Combined, these two innovative technologies can understand customer preferences from previous data and automatically suggest the best solutions for customers without any human interference. Hence improving business efficiency, increasing ROI and significantly reducing expenses. 

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4) Detailed Behavior Analytics of Website Users

AI can not only suggest the best solutions to customers but also to business owners or website admins as well. Businesses can implement AI tools on websites to identify patterns and trends that can be used to improve the customer experience. Software development companies can leverage these data and make changes to websites based on what the customer needs and wants. It allows businesses to provide tailored solutions and recommendations that significantly improve customer satisfaction. By understanding customer behaviour, businesses can provide better products, services, and support. 

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Now that you know the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), are you ready to adopt it for your business? Or are you:

  • Afraid that transitioning your business from a traditional approach to a modern one will require a lot of budget and expense?
  • Concerned whether your current employees will have a difficult time adapting to modern innovative solutions?
  • Confused if Artificial Intelligence would be the right technological choice for your industry or domain?
  • Or do you still need to figure out how AI can enhance your business, improve productivity, and reduce operational costs?

Why don’t you schedule a FREE consultation with the AI experts at ThinkPalm? Our AI engineers can walk you through the importance of AI and prepare a custom plan just for you on how digital transformation can augment your business. 

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So, don’t spend any more time thinking about whether you should adopt AI or not. Make the right choice and step forward to intelligent digital transformation because your competitors already have!

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