Top 10 Programming Languages You Need for Healthcare Software Development in 2024
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Silpa Sasidharan September 29, 2023

Are you a company engaged in offering healthcare software development services in the UK

Isn’t it true that we want to monitor health every single day? Today, in the era of modern health services, healthcare providers and patients derive benefits from healthcare apps in several ways.

With the help of fitness trackers, smartwatches, and plenty of other wearable devices, individuals can track and monitor their health. Also, if anything needs to be improved, we can make small but fast steps toward progress. Suppose you are a company implementing software development services in the UK or anywhere around the globe. In that case, I am sure you are interested in exploring the top 10 programming languages used for developing healthcare apps. Let’s dive in.

Top 10 Programming Languages Used for Healthcare Software Development 

Software Development Services in the UK- Top Programming languages for Healthcare Sector

1. Python

Python is an easy-to-use language, one of the most popular programming languages for application development in the healthcare industry. It serves several areas, such as mobile application development, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and data sciences. Python is one of the most adaptable programming languages in healthcare app development. Coding with Python is easier compared to other programming languages. Furthermore, it minimizes the time needed to fix errors and bugs as it has simple syntax rules.

2. PHP

Typically, developers use web PHP for web development projects. It is an open-source programming language. PHP is a general-purpose programming language. Indeed, it can be used for web and mobile apps. Further, it is easy to access from several devices and different platforms. You can even develop mobile applications using PHP on iOS and Android-based operating systems.

3. Java

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in healthcare application development. It has readable syntax. Developers can write working code fast. Further, it can run on various platforms and several operating systems. It is easy to use and secure and ensures cross-platform application development. Java is the favourite option for developing healthcare applications, for example, building Electronic Record Systems (ERS).


As you know, HTML implies HyperText Markup Language. Typically, HTML, being a markup language, determines website content display. HTML helps build websites effortlessly. Healthcare companies rely on HTML-based websites to announce new services, gain new patients, and book appointments online for doctors as per their patients’ choices.

5. R

R is fundamentally designed for statistical data analysis. It is used to analyze the data efficiently. Furthermore, it is an open-source language that can be used to design a systematic user interface. R also offers cross-platform compatibility. The programming language can easily convert complex data into visual formats. It is needed in the healthcare sector because the visual formats are easily understood by non-technical users as well.

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6. Kotlin

Kotlin is a relatively new programming language for app development. Further, most programming experts think that it can replace Java soon. Compared to other programming languages for developing healthcare apps, Kotlin comes with several features. Even though the community is very limited, it is compatible with the Java ecosystem.

7. SQL

SQL implies Standard Query Language. It manages databases and arranges data into rows and columns in a well-organized manner. Therefore, it is one of the ideal programming languages used by healthcare software development services companies. Queries can be used to modify the data collected and arrange records. Additionally, it helps application administrators to analyze and maintain the databases. It also implements audits. 

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8. Swift

One of the best programming languages for developing healthcare apps, Swift offers precise codes. It requires a few lines of coding and is secure. It supports fixing bugs quickly. Swift is useful for custom healthcare application development.

9. C

As we all know, some healthcare providers operate on Unix or Linux operating systems. Therefore, if you are a company implementing software development services in the UK engaged in healthcare application development, rely on C if your clients work on old systems using these OS. The programming language C supports multiple features. Therefore, it is one of the best programming language options for healthcare app development.

10. C++

One of the general-purpose coding languages developed from C programming language, C++ provides access to the internal functioning of healthcare devices and tools. Further, it has high-performance capabilities and supports application development where efficiency and speed are vital. Also, it offers backend assistance for programming EHRs and other data related to healthcare.

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Benefits of Using Healthcare Apps

Now that we have understood the typical programming languages used by software development companies building healthcare apps, we shall move on to the benefits of using apps in the healthcare sector. You can enjoy the benefits of mobile healthcare apps, whether a doctor or a patient. So, let’s explore!

Enhanced Engagement

Today, offering quality healthcare services has become more important than before. Most healthcare apps provide effective patient engagement through personalized care and knowledge sharing with doctors and patients.

No More Errors on Diagnosis

If healthcare providers offer services through mobile apps, they can considerably reduce the risk of errors arising out of misdiagnosis. It helps store actual reports on a patient’s health digitally. Also, doctors can access the details from anywhere, anytime, making it easier for doctors and patients.

24/7 Service

With the help of healthcare apps, patients have access to medical help anytime and anywhere. It helps them interact with doctors through chats and video calls and helps avoid offline visits, schedule online appointments, and so on.

Easy Payments

Secured payment gateways in the app enable users to make payments in a few clicks. Furthermore, they can select their choice of payment and connect to insurers through the apps. Users need not have to wait in the queue to make payments.

Alerts and Notifications

Almost all healthcare apps support sending reminders and alerts notifying patients on their medications, appointments with the doctor and so on. While patients can consistently monitor their health, healthcare providers can enhance their quality of service. Additionally, it eliminates the administrative tasks.

Software Development Services in the UK-Benefits of Healthcare Apps

Improved Data Management

Healthcare providers have to process a large chunk of information every single day. So they need to organize it. Rather than manually implementing this, they can integrate this information with EHR, where apps record data automatically through connected systems or wearables.

Integration with IoT Services

Today, IoT has become an inevitable component of healthcare apps and systems. IoT-enabled healthcare apps and wearables monitor vital signs and provide real-time monitoring. Further, it helps doctors collect the data anytime, track their patient’s health status, and make necessary medical help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which programming language is best for healthcare?

Python features usability as it is a simple programming language free from complex syntaxes. Therefore,  companies offering software development services use Python for healthcare industries.

Is C++ used in healthcare apps?

C++ offers access to the internal functioning of healthcare devices and tools. For example, in EHRs, system imaging and so on. Hence, it is one of the most popular apps companies use, especially those dealing with software development services for healthcare industries.

Is Java used for developing healthcare apps?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in healthcare application development. Most software development services companies use Java for keeping records of diagnostic systems. It can run on various platforms and several operating systems. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the demand for mobile apps in the healthcare sector is accelerating day by day. Healthcare apps are becoming an important part of the medical ecosystem to deliver the best health services.

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We offer support for designing and developing robust mobile applications for health care. Let us help launch your healthcare app that eases doctors’ tasks and releases patients’ stress!

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