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Paul Uthup June 5, 2017

The changes that have transpired in the Safety and Health environment are quite vast in today’s market. Most companies, today have an OHS system, but what would undoubtedly have a substantial impact on global business would be the rise of smart systems for real-time auditing that you should start preparing for now! The rise of smartphones and software have enabled the real-time acquisition of incident data; these are fulfilled with the help of sensors and internet which transmit the data in real-time and notifies the PIC when parameters are breached.

Q-Aud - Mobile Audit and Inspection Software

Why Mobile-Enabled Systems for Safety Audits?

Most companies today issue a personal smartphone for work. This provides ample opportunity for the personnel to report incidents in real-time or during a scheduled audit. This is the prime reason to have a native mobile app to perform the incidents and inspections, which closely integrate with QHSE systems.

Q–Aud is one such enterprise software product that helps the personnel to perform their inspections and audits in real-time. The reporting of a nonconformity, capturing evidences or notes of the critical incident, and the final report generation will never go through the tons of paperwork and time to reach the departments with our mobile audit software. Today Q-Aud is capable of delivering data that are actionable by the relevant department.

Real-Time Auditing - Intuitive Dashboard

The combination of real-time incident data and business intelligence is an influential tool for QHSE Management. These data sets are imperatively used in the predictive analytics and trend analytics front. What does it mean for your organization? A wormhole to the future by taking critical decisions to avert incidents based on reliable data!

Why Q-Aud Mobile Audit Software?

  • Intuitive Dashboard: A dashboard is more than a prerequisite in many enterprise grade applications, the single window showcasing vital information from various sources. In a QHSE environment, this would include data from the inspections and audits from mobile devices, which is the base for predictive analytics.
  • Mobile app: A closely integrated native app on a smartphone that can interface with any QMS system not only makes the incident reporting flexible, but also adds results that have great business impacts.
  • Stats and reporting: To see the progress of the organization in achieving its safety goals and visions, one needs to rely on reports and statistics. The reporting and analytical engine enhance and deliver what matters most to the organization. The Intelligent character recognition implemented in the software makes it easier to identify issues. This is the same system that is implemented in ICR apps which helps in error reduction and problem-solvingReal-Time Auditing - Reports

Beat the Clock!

ISO 45001 is the buzz word in QHSE Industry. The new standard will soon replace 18001. An organization that competes globally should beat the clock to implement the new quality standards. Primarily because ISO 45001 focuses on meticulous risk-based scoring and increased weight is given to business intelligence and predictive analytics. This is where Q-Aud’s might belongs! It helps you perform any type of audit/inspection to make your organization compliant with the dynamic changes in the ISO standards of the OHS space.