What is the Internet of Robotic Things? Does This Concept Help In Improving The Connectivity And Functioning Of Platforms?
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Feril Hazem February 20, 2022

New technological advancements are forging in with full speed and companies are trying to implement certain techniques to keep up with whatever the tech world has to offer them. Technology is not just the internet, it is grown into a lot of things such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. The fast-paced world has embraced the Internet of Things with open arms, which has enabled us to connect and share among other devices and platforms.  Similarly, one of the futuristic technologies which are considered to be a huge trend right now is the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT). Humans have been implementing robots for a variety of use cases and reasons such as popularity, feasibility, etc. Moreover, with the help of IoRT, robots are collaborating with machine learning, Big Data, and other technologies to deliver advanced results and functionalities. Now, without further ado, let us learn more about what is the Internet of Robotic Things, its features, and its applications used. 

What is the Internet of Robotic Things?

ABI Research has defined the Internet of Robotic Things or IoRT, back in 2014 as “….the concept of the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT), where intelligent devices can monitor events, fuse sensor data from a variety of sources, use local and distributed intelligence to determine the best course of action, and then act to control or manipulate objects the physical world, and in some cases while physically moving through that world”.

Furthermore, as the name suggests, IoRT is the combination of two cutting-edge technologies- the Internet of Things and Robotics. The main objective is to empower a robot with intelligence so that it can achieve and carry out tasks on its own, without human interference. Both robotics and the Internet of Things have their own unique capabilities and when these two advanced technologies are merged together, they can do wonders. With the help of IoRT, we can create new, advanced networks which are capable of carrying out complex tasks resulting in it being of great potential. 

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Features of the Internet of Robotic Things

If we take a look at the features the Internet of Robotic Things has to offer, there are quite a few. These features help to understand and characterize each IoRT system. 

  • Making Intelligent Decisions-

Robots may be capable of making intelligent decisions as well as operating autonomously, but, most robots are somewhat limited to particular functions and can only indulge in interacting with the physical world. Another unique quality of IoRT is that it interacts with the physical environment unlike IoT, and this is where IoRT becomes relevant.

  • Computation-

This is another great feature of IoRT, where the devices perform intelligent computations. This can be done by using both cloud computing as well as edge computing. Devices can actively learn from the data as sensory input is used in it as variables. Moreover, IoRT has the ability to accomplish complex tasks with the correct course of action implemented.

  • Sensing/Perception-

IoRT devices perceive the environment both physically and digitally. To elaborate a bit more, IoRT devices are perceived through software, sensors, and various other technologies like RFID and GPS. Sensing is also needed for sharing and collaborating with devices as well as humans. 

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  • Connection-

One of the factors which are considered to be pivotal for the functioning of IoRT systems is the connection with other devices on the network, with the internet, as well as establishing proper communications via the internet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or other systems. 

  • Control-

IoRT needs minimal need for human involvement as automatic control is provided to IoRT systems. IoRT based systems accumulate data from other devices through various communication networks. This is a huge feature as IoRT devices can learn from data sources without the need for any human assistance. 

Applications of the Internet of Robotic Things

Now, we move on to the applications of the Internet of Robotic Things. The potential applications are considered to be quite a few as the previous applications, preferably the domain of IoT or robotics, are combined with the latest IoRT systems. 

  • Autonomous Supply Chain-

With the help of IoRT systems, all parts of the supply chain from the production of raw materials to the delivery systems can be automated accordingly. Maintenance, manufacturing, automated E-Commerce, and precision agriculture are four of the main factors of the autonomous supply chain of IoRT. Moreover, as far as manufacturing and shipping industries are considered to be increasingly automated, pretty soon all of our demands will be completely catered to by intelligent IoRT systems.

  • Healthcare-

Of course, the healthcare industry is one of the major industries where tasks performed by people can be easily substituted by an intelligent robot to an extent. Patent care, patient monitoring, or even surgery can be executed by an intelligent robot, with minor human assistance. 

  • Personal Robots-

Consumer robots for personalized IoRT robots are in demand nowadays. Personal robots are pretty much yet to excel and have great potential in the future. Some of the common examples of personalized robots that we see today as well as considered to be big in the future are smart homes- surrounded by automated systems which are carried out to provide you a seamless experience of security, household works, comfort, etc, and then there are the Telepresence robots- where we can attend classes and meetings remotely, these robots have become more relevant and popular ever since the pandemic. 

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  • Physical Security and Monitoring-

Human personnel can be substituted by IoRT systems to avoid major risks to value human lives in different situations that pose hazards. Some of the top-grade advanced IoRT systems such as robot guards and disaster management schemes are implemented to ensure complete safety.

  • Automated Vehicles-

Of course, how can we miss out on automated vehicles? Driverless cars, as we see in many motion pictures are the future of transportation. Soon, the DMC DeLorean we saw in the movie “Back To The Future” will soon be a reality if Elon Musk tries to bring forth the idea of flying cars to existence. With the implementation of IoRT, cars can maintain a constant line of communication with other cars and hence, can prevent accidents and find faster routes. 

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