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Standardizing Broadband Experiences Across Industries

The growing demand for broadband services at home or in business necessitates service providers to offer faster and better-quality experiences for their customers. 

Harnessing the power of the Reference Design Kit for Broadband (RDK-B), an open-source software platform that standardizes broadband functions, ThinkPalm brings forth unique capabilities for enterprise stack standardization across various OEMs.

We enable the standardization of key functions in broadband customer-premises equipment (CPE) across network technologies such as DOCSIS, DSL, Wireless and GPON. By standardizing the core functionalities of RDK-B, we develop and deploy several sets of applications and services across various hardware and chipset manufacturers and suppliers.

By developing, integrating and validating the RDK-B Wi-Fi subsystem (software component for managing Wi-Fi functionality), ThinkPalm provides seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, optimization and monitoring regardless of the network specifications.

RDK Broadband and Its Benefits

  1. Consistent customer experience regardless of network technologies
  2. Improves product development speed along with reliability and stability
  3. Seamless collaboration with skilled partners
  4. Remote diagnostics and connection management
  5. Supports integrated Wi-Fi chips and USB-based Wi-Fi adapters

Want to optimize and monitor Wi-Fi networks for broadband devices?

Why Should You Choose ThinkPalm’s RDK-B Capabilities?

A complete system-integrated approach to RDK implementation with a comprehensive set of services such as developing, integrating, porting, validation, and deployment makes Thinkpalm the right choice for our customers.

Developing RDKB Wi-Fi subsystem

Our RDK-B Wi-Fi subsystem provides optimization of Wi-Fi functionality across all broadband gateways. We ensure fast, secure, and reliable wireless connectivity across devices all over the network, providing a great networking experience to customers.

Our skill set includes developing features such as Wi-Fi device management and diagnostics, client statistics, band steering, NearAP capability reporting, and radio management in the wireless space. Our technical hands-on experience in the core Wi-Fi driver and Chip Firmware of multiple SoCs will help OEMs to quickly integrate their use cases to the RDKB Wi-Fi subsystem without much silicon vendor SW support.

Integration of RDKB Wi-Fi subsystem

With RDK-B, Thinkpalm offers a powerful tool for global broadband services— to integrate the HAL layer on various OEM platforms over different Wi-Fi SoCs drivers. Our vast development experience in Wi-Fi SoC drivers helps OEMs to integrate their Wi-Fi layer into the CCSP agent with SoC independence. Also, it enables rapid development and deployment of new services and products

Validation of RDKB Wi-Fi subsystem

Thinkpalm offers a complete validation infrastructure for verifying the Wi-Fi HAL layer and Data Model components separately, helping OEMs the most effective way to integrate their use cases. Our pre-certification testing capability will help OEMs fine-tune the measurement parameters before integrating with cloud management solutions.

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