Test Automation Services | 7 Best Practices You Should Know
Test Automation
Silpa Sasidharan November 3, 2023

During the launch of an application, the software development team perceives everything seems to be working just fine, don’t they? But here’s the big question– does the application work smoothly every time? And more importantly, does it work with all the other programs it’s intended to work with? The answer is yes. But how? Indeed, it’s with the help of implementing end-to-end test automation services.

Come and explore how to plan and create end-to-end (E2E) testing, the best practices in automated E2E testing, and its key benefits.

What is End-to-end Testing?

So, as we deep dive into end-to-end test automation, we learn that it is the testing process that ensures software applications are ready to launch! Suppose you have a squad commander for your software development that thoroughly verifies workflows from the beginning to the end to improve test coverage and focus on reducing risks. It’s what test automation does for you! Furthermore, it ensures that all the components in the application work as expected and function perfectly in real-world situations.

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What are the Fundamental Steps in E2E Testing?

Have you ever come across the basic steps in automated end-to-end testing? Let’s take a closer look at them! Therefore, as a software development team, you should follow the below steps to implement and finish E2E software testing.

Steps in End-to-end test automation

Comprehensive review: You need to implement a complete review of the testing requirements.

Test Environment: Establish an environment that matches the requirements laid out.

Software and Hardware Requirements: Understand and analyze software and hardware requirements

System Response: Make a list of how the software system needs to respond to the testing. 

Testing Methods: You should list down the testing methods needed to test the responses.

Description of Standards: Give precise descriptions of the standards you follow for each test

Design Test Cases: For a thorough application evaluation, such as functionality, performance, and user experience. Also, you have to track requirements.

Run Tests: Finally, you have to run tests, study, and save the results of the end-to-end test automation.

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Important Tips for Successful End-to-end Testing 

You can use the tips below to ensure successful software automation testing.

  • Determine the test cases for automation
  • Pick the ideal automated testing tool
  • Split the automated testing tasks
  • Develop reliable, quality test data
  • Create tests resilient to changes in UI

What are the Best Practices in End-to-end Testing?

It is not always possible to automate all testing; therefore, you should decide on the test cases for which you need to rely on test automation services.

So, when you use automated testing, you can focus on the following aspects: 

1. Tests that are repetitive: Remember the tasks you repeat and automate them.  Thus you can save yourself from the time-consuming process!

2. Error-prone Tests: Human error can happen at any time. Automate tests that are vulnerable to mistakes when done manually. Further, you can make the machines to manage the tasks.

3. Data-intensive Tests: Want to implement tests that need multiple data sets? Automate them and see the magic!

4. Risk-prone Tests: For all those tests that come with inherent risks, why not try using test automation services? Identify and fix the bugs before they become nagging issues. 

5. Limitations in manual testing: It is impractical to implement manual testing for all cases. Therefore, in such instances, you can go for end-to-end automation testing.

6. Apps running on multi-platforms: Does your app run on multiple platforms and devices? The test automation services team ensures quality performance in each platform and device.

7. Time-consuming Tests: Do you think testing takes away your valuable time? Then, leave your concerns and automate such tests, too.

8. Test the User’s Journey:  focus on the most common workflow, and also consider the database, API, and UI for testing, and ensure they work perfectly as expected. 

9. Use Trustworthy Data: Accurate data sets verify if the application behaves correctly. Also, without real data, test cases and test execution may not serve the purpose. 

What are the Benefits of End-to-end Test Automation?

Here are a few significant benefits of test automation. Let’s check it out!

Improves Time to Market

Your customers want quality products. With automation, time to market (speed to market) becomes a reality. Time to market measures the speed at which a product gets released. Also, automation testing leverages AI-based tools to focus on quality aspects and expedite time to market. 

Enhances Quality Assurance

Do you want to enhance your commitment to quality assurance? End-to-end test automation services ensure that all components of an application work perfectly and meet the business needs flawlessly.

Faster Identification of Defects

Isn’t it a wonderful idea to fix bugs at an earlier stage during the development of an application? End-to-end test automation services identify defects in the initial phase of the software development cycle. Apart from this, it lets developers fix bugs before they become pesky. 

End-to -end test automation benefits

Matches  Business Needs

How do you make your software development more useful? Yes, end-to-end test automation services have the ultimate answer and ensure that the application fulfills business needs. As a result, it enhances its acceptability by the users.

Optimizes Testing

Helps optimize the test automation process by testing the application from the end user’s point of view.  Further, it doesn’t test individual components and makes it easier to identify and fix issues.

Reduces Cost

Do you know end-to-end test automation services minimize the cost associated with testing? Since it helps detect errors and bugs earlier during the development process, you can avoid the cost associated with late detection after the software development process

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is end-to-end testing in QA?

End-to-end testing is done by quality assurance (QA) teams and performed in dedicated test environments during the software development cycle.

Why is E2E testing important?

E2E testing prevents you from running repeated tests. Therefore, it reduces the cost and time for testing. Further, it ensures that the dependencies work perfectly.

What is an example of end-to-end testing?

Running a web application on multiple browsers and devices is an example of end-to-end testing. The specifications for the cross-browser test cases vary between different scenarios.

Final Words

So far, you have understood that when implemented automatically, end-to-end tests act as a game changer in the software development arena. Moreover, without writing a single code, end-to-end test automation services create and implement continuous testing automatically. 

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