How IoT and Big Data Can Improve Your Business’s Digital Transformation Journey?
Internet of Things (IoT)
Ricky Philip July 15, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has made digital transformation imperative for businesses to accelerate and scale existing operations. A set of advanced technologies in the digital transformation environment is comprised of many digital innovations: advanced analytics, intelligent automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big data, Industry 4.0, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud platforms, and so on. 

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These innovations have the potential to boost the productivity of companies’ legacy operations. For incumbent companies, these advanced technologies support the creation of all-new, digitally-enabled business models and help increase operational efficiencies, employee productivity and customer experience. Especially, IoT and Big Data are the two main technologies that have been proven to be pivotal to the future of businesses. It has been a catalyst for both new initiatives as well as for the successful continuity of business operations in the modern era. These two technologies have enabled businesses to tap into a wealth of data, which has helped them improve their operations and increase revenues manifold. 

What Is IoT and Big Data?

Internet of Things (IoT) 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology that allows machines to communicate with each other, in addition to humans. The IoT refers to the collection, storage, and processing of data that has been generated by all these machines. In other words, it refers to all the devices connected to the internet for communication purposes.

Big Data

Big Data refers to data sets that have been collected from multiple sources across various platforms. Big data ranges from the process dashboards, information gathered from the customers to gauge interest and forecast demand to the data accumulated from connected devices in industries. It helps businesses process this data in real-time so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to their marketing strategies or product development processes etc.

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What Makes IoT and Big Data a Catalyst For Digital Transformation?

  • The ability to collect data in real-time, without interruption, is a great way to improve the performance of any business.
  • IoT enables businesses to monitor and manage their network more efficiently and effectively, reducing the possibility of security breaches, as well as reducing energy consumption and costs.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) allows for automated decision-making, which can help businesses save money on operations and maintenance costs, as well as reduce downtime by ensuring that equipment is working properly at all times.
  • IoT and big data analytics platforms bring together all the devices in a business into one cohesive platform that can be monitored remotely using a central database or office dashboard.
  • By using IoT and Big Data analytics tools, businesses can identify trends in customer behavior and use this data to make better decisions about pricing, marketing campaigns, software testing and other areas of operation where it would be beneficial for them to invest further into new technologies.

What is Business Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation Trends 2022

Source: BMC, Business Digital Transformation Trends 2022

Business Digital Transformation is the process of moving from traditional business models to digital business models. The goal is to achieve a cost-effective and sustainable competitive advantage by creating a more nimble, agile, and competitive organization.

Business Digital Transformation can lead to better customer engagement and satisfaction, higher employee engagement, increased sales productivity, and improved financial performance.

It can be defined as a systematic and structured way to improve business performance, quality, and efficiency in order to achieve profitable goals and better ROIs. Business digital transformation will also help organizations increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, improve employee productivity and reduce costs across all verticals. It is all about creating a new experience for customers, employees, and suppliers by transforming how they work in order to create real value for customers, employees, and suppliers. 

This can be done through a combination of hardware upgrades, software applications, and overall organizational changes. Businesses must embrace digital technologies if they want to achieve their potential in today’s competitive global marketplaces. Digital technologies allow businesses to transform themselves into well-rounded organizations capable of delivering world-class customer experiences through mobile devices, software development services, cloud storage services and much more. 

IoT And Big Data Will Soon Be A Key Part Of Your Business. 

But how can you leverage IoT and Big Data to improve your digital transformation journey?

IoT and Big Data are making it possible for businesses to gain real-time insights into their operations, which can help them make better decisions. This can be incredibly useful when it comes to optimizing processes, improving customer experience, and creating new products or services.

IoT and big data are the two major technologies that are driving the digital transformation of business. IoT refers to the interconnection of physical objects with machines and other devices through the internet. Big data is a term used to describe information that can be analyzed in a large volume, enabling fast processing by computers and making it useful for decision-making.

The Combined Effectiveness Of IoT and Big Data

The combination of these two technologies has already started transforming business processes and industries around the world. IoT is not just about smart devices, but also about sensors and actuators. These sensors can provide valuable data to manufacturers, such as temperature, humidity, pressure or even light intensity inside a building. The data gathered from these sensors can be used to create intelligent products that are more cost-effective and efficient in operation.

On the other hand, big data is the result of analyzing a large volume of information that has been collected over time. This data can be used for various purposes such as predicting future trends based on past experiences or finding patterns in past events that can help predict outcomes in the future.

The combination of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data will help companies to achieve their business goals by providing insights into customer behavior and increasing revenue generation capabilities through better targeting strategies.

Benefits of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) in Business Digital Transformation

1) Big data provides decision-making insights

Big Data provides a better understanding of customers’ needs, preferences and behavior. This helps businesses to design and deliver more personalized products and services by getting insights from data collected from the past, present and future.

2) IoT can help in easily tracking operations

IoT devices help businesses to monitor their operations at every step of the supply chain, thus enabling them to track environmental issues, identify potential risks, monitor production processes for quality assurance purposes, etc.

IoT and Big Data

3) IoT can be leveraged by any sector

IoT devices can be used to collect data from smart meters or health sensors (for example glucose monitoring) and transmit it through an intelligent system that suits the need of a particular business application like monitoring customer satisfaction levels or tracking inventory levels in stores or warehouses.

4) Big data makes it easier to understand customer preference

The development of big data analytics tools has created opportunities for companies to use their existing data sets to gain better insights into their customers’ needs or behaviour patterns in order to offer customized services based on these insights. For example, a retail company can take advantage of this technology by using it for customer segmentation or personalization as it allows them to understand who their target customers are and what what their demands are.

5) Businesses can make decisions much faster

With the ability to collect real-time data, businesses can make decisions faster than ever before. This allows them to take action when needed rather than wait for an event to occur or when an issue arises. By collecting real-time information about their customers, products, services and operations, companies can adjust their offerings quickly and reactively if necessary.

6) Businesses can significantly reduce their expense

Businesses are able to save money by implementing IoT solutions that reduce costs through efficiency improvements — saving on labour hours, materials or electricity usage. Businesses can also save money by implementing IoT solutions that increase productivity through increased efficiency — such as using sensors that monitor equipment performance or using drones to deliver goods faster than ever before possible without human involvement. 


There is no doubt that digital transformation is the future of a successful business. But rather than blindly adopting innovative technologies, businesses must begin with a clear vision and only consider those technologies that they’ll need to advance that vision. Moreover, rather than a competitive urgency, digital transformation solutions must be considered as a reinforcement for sustainable business development. 

IoT and Big Data Benefits

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