Shaping up Solutions like the Potter’s Wheel in Action…
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Arun V February 29, 2016

It is easy to transform fine-grained natural clay into magnificent objects using a Potter’s wheel. This simple machine helps to shape and decorate the wet clay into a beautiful pot. Not just the wheel, potter’s mastermind and hand movements also have key roles here.

In the initial stage, the wet clay might be in an undefinable shape. It’s the potter’s creativity that transforms the clay into useful vessels, pots and bowls as per the rotary movement of the wheel. Clay used must strike a balance between softness and strength. Softness makes clay deformable and hence easier to shape into a pot; strength is needed to hold the developing pot together while it is being shaped.

Potter's Wheel - Shaping up Innovative Solutions
Shaping Up Innovative Solutions

The Potter’s Wheel approach is the actual backbone of ThinkPalm’s strategy. We render precise and unique shapes for the client ideas with the help of our highly skilled team of professionals. The dedicated team of software developers, testers and designers of ThinkPalm relentlessly work and shape the client requirements into the requisite form. The customer requirements will transform into a worthy shape through a thoroughly planned interactive development process. The process consists of a proper mix of designs, programming and testing, elegantly blended to form a worthy build. The transformations provided will be extra-ordinary and powerful enough to carry out different tasks without explicit programming.

ThinkPalm’s Potter’s wheel is at work each day, churning out cutting-edge products and services, with the expertise of our Potters – the exceptional ThinkPalm workforce!