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Published on: November 8, 2019

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big query

In today’s rapidly evolving, knowledge powered industries, “Time to Insights”, is an important metric. Massive amounts of computing power are essential for quickly processing the petabytes of BIG Data. Most of the organizations are in the business of generating data and extracting valuable insight from this BIG data, rather than giving importance in the business of building and operating the big data solutions. Cloud-based big data solutions can offer a cost-effective and rapidly scalable alternative to DIY or integrated on-premises solutions. Google’s BigQuery is an enterprise data warehouse that solves this downside by enabling super-fast SQL queries by exploiting the power of Google’s infrastructure. BigQuery is a serverless, high-scalable, cost-effective cloud data warehouse with an inbuilt in-memory BI engine and machine learning. Download PDF to learn more regarding everything you need to know about BigQuery; its key features and use cases.


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Google’s BigQuery

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