5 Ways Software Development Companies Fix Cultural Differences in Outsourcing
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Silpa Sasidharan May 26, 2023

Are you engaged in software development services in the UK and need help managing the projects with your in-house team? Or do you want to manage the workload with your development team? And have you planned to expand your current team of developers?

Baffled about the cost? Worry not; you can use the best resources at reasonable costs, which in no way hurts your budget! Therefore, the next best solution is to hire an offshore software development services company.

Sounds great, right? Worry not; you can even use the best outsourcing software development services in the UK, which operate under the aegis of software companies from India.

You can even find solutions to the time zone differences that hinder the project course and speed of implementation. Outsourcing software development services have become more common these days.

But if you outsource directly to faraway countries, you will be concerned about cultural differences apart from communication barriers, time zones, and other similar barriers.

So, we will discuss how you can avoid and move smoothly toward successful project completion when you depend on an outsourcing partner.

Let’s break down a few ways that help you overcome the cultural difference.

5 Ways to Overcome Cultural Differences During Software Development Outsourcing

Besides the cost and expertise factors, every business should consider cultural sync while preparing to outsource product development. It is found to be highly influential in matters of decision-making, assigning tasks, reporting and so on. Indeed, it can even affect the approaches of the target audience.

How to overcome cultural differences in outsorucing software development

1. Be Informed of the Cultural Differences

When you work with people from a different cultural atmosphere, you may fail to notice the meaning of words, or there may be a communication gap.

Translation helps, but both parties may need help to get the meaning or the intention. However, it can be handled easily if the company and their outsourcing partner try to set aside cultural differences.

If you are a business engaged in software development services in the UK that is all set to work with an offshore development partner, try to acquaint yourself with the team you work with, as your outsourcing company also welcomes it.

Indeed, it brings many mutual benefits and provides insights into how they can focus on their goals and get the job done on time. Creating awareness regarding culture would help better project outcomes by boosting cooperation, trust, enhanced communication and problem-solving efforts. As a result, an outsourced partner can provide the best software development services in the UK without delay.

2. Define and Set Clear Objectives

When you work with a team with a different culture from yours, it is wise to state the objectives, requirements, and project stages clearly. Establishing clear-cut goals helps understand what is needed by each member of the team while it helps observe the progress of the project at all stages.

Also, define the quality standards and criteria for accepting the project as completed. It is better to pass on the information to all team members to avoid any embarrassment in future.

A project lead or coordinator will often monitor the tasks when working with an offshore software services provider. In that case, you can communicate with the lead or project coordinator who manages the team. 

Such a person is also responsible for ensuring that the project standards and performance of the team are always met. Also, the contract should contain the duties and responsibilities of the outsourcing company and the outsourced partner. More importantly, it should also cover the compensation required in case any dispute arises from non-compliance.

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3. Establish Clear Communication

Effective communication is required while working with both in-house and remote teams. However, when working remotely, proper communication becomes a must. Both the outsourcing company and the outsourced partner should follow a communication schedule.

Right from the beginning, an outsourced partner should understand the client’s requirements, target customers, ways to entice them, and many other requirements that may arise during the project. 

All these needs get addressed through effective and consistent communication between both parties. Regular communication influences the performance of your remote team, along with resolving any miscommunications.

A well-established offshore partner knows the significance of establishing clear communication at all stages of project implementation. Also, look into the time zone difference while holding a meeting. For example, if two countries have the largest time difference, make sure that they consider the time zone difference before scheduling meetings.

Communication helps to understand the project’s objectives clearly; more importantly, it helps build rapport between the outsourcing company and the outsourced partner. It further influences the successful completion of projects and reduces any delay.

Adopting an efficient communication system, creating awareness of cultural differences, acquiring with the offshore team members, establishing rules, and strong team-building efforts would help overcome cultural challenges while outsourcing. 

Fixing cultural challenges in software outsourcing

4. Collaboration in Software Development Outsourcing

Apart from effective communication, removing cultural barriers depends greatly on collaboration between teams throughout the development life cycle of a project. It is always wise to begin with small projects to see your outsourced partner’s performance.

Start with a less important task for your remote development team. If you get the desired outcome, go ahead with the offshore development team to assign them more crucial tasks.

When you work with a remote partner, improved collaboration is not easy, but certainly achievable. If you ensure enhanced collaboration, faster delivery becomes a reality.

Building trust along with good communication would help both companies. It also promotes cross-company culture and managing cultural differences, leading to better results through encouraging communication and cooperation.

5. Cross-cultural Awareness Practices

Make sure that you promote cross-cultural awareness to build commitment and support among the team. It helps to release the tension and enables your remote partner to adapt and embrace cultural differences. It includes training that facilitates your offshore team to overcome cultural challenges at work.

Additionally, it helps outsourced partners to focus on the requirements to build good relationships with software development services in the UK. Also, if you fail to identify the cultural diversity in your remote partner’s country, you may even lose prospective customers.

Both companies should respect cultural differences. Cultural compatibility may only sometimes be possible while looking to outsource your projects as several factors impact selecting a remote work team.

Therefore, if cultural diversity exists, embrace cross-cultural awareness exercises to understand the significance of ensuring compatibility.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What constitutes cultural challenges in outsourcing?

Differences in traditions, time zone differences, language barriers, and approaches in decision-making all contribute to the cultural challenges in outsourcing.

2. How can we overcome cultural differences?

Adopting an efficient communication system, creating awareness of cultural differences, acquiring with the offshore team members, establishing rules, and strong team-building efforts would help overcome cultural challenges while outsourcing.

Parting Thoughts

When you plan to work with a remote team and in-house employees to promote your software development services in the UK, you must set aside the cultural differences by understanding cross-cultural issues and finding solutions. The remedies explained above will help the outsourcing company and their outsourced partner.

When you plan to hand over projects to offshore teams, you enjoy several advantages, such as getting the technology or industry expertise and using new advancements in the software development process and the cost benefits. They directly influence the project’s outcome and improve cross-cultural understanding, making in-house and remote teams work together. By encouraging communication, and other team-building efforts, remote workers feel motivated.

Every nation has its cultural etiquette and customs. Knowing each culture would help ignore cultural diversity and work coherently to complete the task! The work culture is individualistic in nature in Western countries. While on the other hand, in the Eastern scenario, they promote team-oriented work ethics.


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