Delivering Exceptional Products and Services with the Power in Our Palms
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Vishnu Agikumar February 15, 2016

Power is sweet; it is a drug, the desire for which increases with habit.”—Bertrand Russell, 1951

Aspired by all but enjoyed by the privileged – human race has pursued it relentlessly since time immemorial.  The innumerable wars fought through history, to conquer, rule and exercise power over commoners, stands testimonial of the fact.

So what is Power? At an individual level, it can be considered as the ability to influence others through knowledge, skill sets, seniority, physical strength and more. How can it be perceived from an organization front?

In ancient times, open palms were used to show that no weapons were being concealed. When an organization leverages its internal factors to adapt to the uncontrollable external factors and attain goals successfully, it becomes mighty! The very principle, we stem from. Now you see, what ‘Power in the Palm’ can put forth?

Delivering Exceptional Solutions with the Power in our Palms
Delivering Exceptional Solutions with the Power in our Palms

Our internal factors – the 200 plus technically sound workforce, world-class infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology have been instrumental in giving us an edge over competition. We empower each employee with the freedom to experiment, innovate and put their thoughts into action. Thus was born our world class products and services, changing the face of our organization from a start-up to a powerful name in Mobility, Enterprise and Telecommunications sectors.

Why is ‘Power in the Palm’ so important? It’s a known fact that every successful organisation or product is the result of a great idea and the ability to put it into reality. And ThinkPalm is striving to bestow our clients with power by realizing their innovative ideas through custom solutions. The smart work of our workforce has enhanced our efficiency and has emerged as a core competency of the organisation.

ThinkPalm is proud of its top-notch products and services that showcase “the Power in Our Palms” to Innovate, Connect and Empower!