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Najma June 13, 2016

During the early days or before the 20th century, the lady who stayed at home doing household chores and looked after her children, while her husband was out for work, was considered ideal. They were not treated equal to men and did not enjoy the same rights and privileges as men. In short, the role of women was conceived to be one of subservience to her husband, the master and ruler of the family. It were the social and cultural norms which made everyone think like that. According to the society of those times, a lady’s life was believed to be complete only if she marries and gives birth to young ones.

SAKHI - Women's Forum of ThinkPalm

But now the story has changed. Women are making huge strides as leaders, innovators, and money-earners. In fact, we are breaking new ground in every industry and closing, albeit slowly, the infamous wage gap every year!

  “Nobody else empowers women – Women empower themselves!”

If a person has a work place which takes care of professional as well as personal growth, he/she has the highest chance to be successful and happy in life. It’s amazing how a work place can bring out the best in you. ThinkPalm is such an organization which provides exceptional encouragement to women employees to rediscover themselves as a person!

With the support from our management, we ladies at ThinkPalm started an initiative to empower, encourage and enlighten ourselves with a ladies league, named SAKHI.

The main motive of Sakhi is – Uniting women of ThinkPalm for Safety, Amusement, Knowledge, Health and Innovation. Sakhi, a creative group with new ideas to motivate and inspire, helps us in socializing and expanding our interests. The initial launch of Sakhi happened by the end of 2013 with a core committee of 5 members, to organize activities including Learning, Cultural Activities and Charity. The entertainment activities kicked off with Women’s day celebration on March 8th 2014, with much colour and joy! As a part of charity, we managed to collect enough money to help a lady, make her dream come true and to equip her with a better way of living.

Sakhi relaunched in 2016 with a lot more exciting and inspirational programmes, that included self-defence training, health care and personality development. To kick start each day with a refreshed mind, Sakhi members get a motivational mail on a daily basis with inspiring stories, quotes and admirable real life experiences.

SAKHI Exhibition

The pleasure trip organized by Sakhi in February 2016 was really exciting, which gave a lot of thrilling moments to cherish throughout our lives! During the month of March, as a part of Women’s day venture, we offered financial support to a family of 3 children to meet their educational needs for the academic year. Following that, an exhibition and sales of handicrafts, fabrics, homemade food products, paintings and photography was held to showcase the talents of the lady folks of the organization to spice up the celebration. A very informative and lively session about how to get away from lifestyle diseases by a renowned clinical psychologist was also conducted, which was attended by our male employees as well. Mothers make the world fun, fascinating, delicious, exciting and smart!  In honor of Mother’s Day, a heart touching photo contest of our employees with their mothers was held, in order to give recognition to all mothers for the wonderful things they do.

As a first step towards fitness, Sakhi is planning to start a wellness club with trainers and nutritionists, to begin a rewarding journey towards healthy living.  The committee is planning to extend activities beyond the walls of ThinkPalm, which includes knowledge update, cooking classes, evening parties, technical talks and more! A helping hand from the forum will always be there to support and uplift women in the society, to excel in their passion through financial and mental assistance. Sakhi will continue to empower women in all aspects of their life and our aim is to be become and create self-reliant, determined and independent women.