Learning Management Systems – An Overview
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Rinoop Xavier November 3, 2017

An e–Learning repository contains resources for training at one place in an easily searchable, accessible format. LMS is a software application that helps companies store and manage course materials in a seamless, effective manner. It allows users with appropriate permissions to view and edit learning content. Nowadays, most learning management software products come with enhanced learning management capabilities that enable learners to access resources online, track their progress and generate reports to evaluate the effectiveness of training. Let’s see how a digital learning repository in the form of a Learning Management System can help you create a learning culture.

Advantages of LMS :

Facilitate The Availability of Training Content At a Single Location :

Hosting online training courses on different platforms is difficult. Instead, we can host all digital learning documents on a remote server,  by creating multiple copies of the same course and making them accessible to learners at a central location through an LMS. This system ensures that you do not lose important data and can access training courses from anywhere through any device, using unique login credentials. Also, as learners tend to forget 60% of what they learn within a day, the digital learning repository makes it easy for learners to go back and refer to the course and reinforce their learning.

Access Data For Future Training :

An LMS helps you track the training progress and performance of learners. These reports give you an overview of the extent to which learners have understood the content. You can analyze these reports and evaluate if the training program is yielding the desired results, needs modification or if the learners need further training on it.

Learning Management System

There are lots of applications available for managing LMS, such as ATutor, Eliademy, Forma LMS, Dokeos, ILIAS, Opigno, OLAT and more. One of the most widely used open-source software applications is MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). Let’s discuss more on MOODLE and its power-packed features.


MOODLE or Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment is an open-source Learning Management System that features dashboards, learner tracking, and multimedia support. It gives you the ability to create mobile-friendly online courses and integrate third-party add-ons. Though MOODLE may be slightly complicated for new users, it is worth mastering if you desire total design freedom.

Few Benefits of MOODLE Include :

1. Cooperative User Community

Get answers to pressing questions almost immediately by accessing the online support database and download pre-made e-Learning courses that save you the time and trouble of creating them from scratch.

2. Integrate With Other Enterprise Functions

It can be integrated with various enterprise platforms such as SAP, Oracle and so on. It is important to facilitate effective “communication” between the learning management applications and other enterprise tools such as ERP systems and CRM software, to enable a hassle-free flow of information.

3. Use Of Plug-ins To Perform Various Functions

A plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing software product, without disturbing the latter’s existing functionality. Hundreds of plug-ins are available for MOODLE, which enable you to perform various tasks, including detecting plagiarism in your e-learning content!

4. Manage Courses Online In a Cost-Effective Manner

MOODLE is an open-source software application; the developers of MOODLE do not impose restrictions on accessing its code and do not charge users if they use their product for non-commercial purposes. The absence of licensing fees makes MOODLE significantly cost-effective compared to proprietary learning management systems.

5. Caters To The Needs Of Growing Businesses

The software is highly scalable and goes a long way in meeting learning management needs. It can be used to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, with learner populations ranging from a few dozen to more than one million, delivering seamless performance!

Learning management systems are a great tool for those who love to discover new opportunities. It provides them with everything from homepage content, to unique features and seamless usability, therefore creating beautiful learning experiences that are more automated and easy to maintain. If you are looking for assistance in developing a learning management system? Get in touch with us and we can help you configure an intuitive system with custom features.

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