4 Simple Tips To Select an Ideal Software Development Process for Your Business
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Silpa Sasidharan September 7, 2023

Are you a company dealing with software development services in the UK or worldwide? Do you want to get the best out of your software development process? Are you concerned about the rising competition in building and deploying applications?

Then, try changing your tactics with respect to software development and turn things for your own good. Shall we go straight to the topic, starting with explaining about selecting the right software development process?

In this article, we help you select the right software development process to help your business grow immensely.

What is Software Development Process?

In simple terms, the software development process deals with the planning and management of the development of a product. It splits the software development tasks into small sub-processes to enhance a product’s design and speed up the development of the product.

Do you know the software development process is also known as the software development lifecycle (SDLC)? SDLC is used by all companies dealing with software development services in the UK or implementing software services around the globe.

software development services in the UK

Software development companies use SDLC to design and develop quality software by reducing the risks involved by meeting user expectations during and after production. It involves certain steps such as planning,  requirement analysis, designing, coding, testing, documenting, debugging, deploying and maintaining applications.

Is There a Need for Software Development Process?

Some of you might wonder if there is a need to adopt a software development process. Indeed, it enhances the product development process and reduces the risks involved.

For example, the software development process follows a set of sequences in perfect order to reduce the possibility of bugs. It applies universally to every software company, no matter if you implement software development services in the UK or anywhere around the world. Further, it assigns specific roles for each team member, ensures faster time to market, facilitates real-time collaboration and implements project management and control.

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Common Types of Software Development Process

There are several types of software development, and one single aim is to make developers work coherently to build high-quality products. Many factors influence the choice of your software development process. But before that, you need to understand the common types of software development processes. Here are the three different types of software development used in common. Let’s discuss each one of them.

application development models

Waterfall Development

The Waterfall software development process is known as the ‘classic lifecycle model’ or ‘linear sequential model’. It is one of the oldest and most conventional software development models for creating applications. The waterfall model follows the set of processes in software development in the order. The development team has to finish each stage one after the other and, therefore, the name ‘Waterfall’ development.

Iterative Development 

The iterative software development strategy breaks down the SDLC into small processes. This development strategy is ideal for large, highly complex projects. It is also useful for projects where you can easily follow project requirements and where you expect changes along the way. The iterative model accommodates flexibility compared to other development strategies. The development team checks each iteration and identifies the changes to launch a useful application.

Agile and Scrum Development

The agile software development process is one of the most common software development methodologies today. Compared to the rigid approach in the Waterfall strategy, developers work in sprints (for a given time period) in the Agile method to create and launch applications. It considers the needs of users as and when needed, even if it deviates from the original plan. It’s all about building software very fast with essential features required and launching it to the end users.

How Do You Find the Right Software Development Process for Your Business Needs?

Many development processes have been in place. But do you think you can select one randomly? Suppose you are a company implementing software development services in the UK; how would you choose an ideal one?

The following five strategies will help you choose the right software development strategies suitable for your business needs.

1. Level of flexibility in software specification

Before you choose a specific software development process, consider the level of flexibility of software specification requirements. Typically, the iterative and agile methods are suitable for building web and apps where you can introduce changes during development. However, if you are more concerned with stability and predictability, you may select waterfall development.

2. Consider the Size of the Project

As a business offering software development services in the UK, you would be aware that every software development process needs skilled developers. The size of a project determines the number of developers required for a particular project. As obvious, large projects require more developers, and therefore, it is ideal for waterfall development.

software development services in the UK

3. Understand the End-users

Ensure that you have defined the target users, or else you will receive several requests from diverse users to add new features after launching the application. However, agile development methodology helps in this situation. If you build a software application for a defined set of users, the requirements would be fixed; therefore, a waterfall strategy would be ideal.

4. Know the Time frame for Development

If your development takes a long time period with hardly any deadline, go for the waterfall strategy. If teams follow sprints with deadlines, it is better to use agile and iterative methods as they help release products in accordance with the completion of each stage in product development.

Regardless of the methods you use, each software development process and approach involves planning, understanding, building, testing and making necessary changes to add new features according to the feedback from end-users.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should you choose the right software development for your business?

A perfect software solution assists in simplifying routine tasks, takes care of customer expectations, ensures quick conversion, and helps gain the upper hand over competitors.

What are the key factors in selecting the right software development process?

First of all, understand the flexibility level in the software requirements, know the end-users and the project size and finally, the time needed for completion of the project.

What type of software development process is considered the best and why?

Agile development is the most commonly used software development process because it is flexible compared to other development approaches.

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