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Communication Industry

The global telecommunication industry is going through a breakneck digital transformation driven by a multitude of dynamic factors such as consumer, digital, and industry trends. Hardware-based networks have given way to autonomous, software-based network functions such as SDN and NFV. Connectivity is getting redefined with the advent of 5G that promises higher speed, greater efficiency and less latency for IoT and M2M applications. The disruptive waves are spread across the communication industry, bringing with it widespread opportunities and unprecedented challenges.

The innovations and developments in the industry are forcing telecom equipment manufacturers and solution providers to shift from their traditional approach to an innovative model. The need of the hour is to deliver features and tools that offer delightful digital experiences at reduced costs.

Adopt The Latest Technologies With Our Telecommunication Solutions And Services

Feeling lost in the technological upsurge? We can help you transform your business processes, change the way your networks are used, and enable you to adopt the new technologies with our futuristic communication solutions and services. Aided by a world-class testing lab equipped with Spirent and Ixia devices, R&D initiatives focused on exploring the tremendous opportunity in SD-WAN, SDN/NFV and cutting-edge solutions including cellular routers, we have established a firm grasp on all facets of the evolving communication industry.

Unlock significant business opportunities & accelerate innovation at scale.

Network Virtualisation With SDN/NFV Services

From evaluation/PoC to solution deployment and operations support, our SDN/NFV services integrate highly competitive solutions for customers. ThinkPalm’s SDN/NFV services seamlessly helps make the transition to virtualized networks powered by our innovative, market-leading virtualisation frameworks. Our SDN and NFV services helps combine virtualization with server-class commodity hardware to provide the required intelligence in the network that makes it agile, simple, programmable and flexible.

Enhancing Enterprise Networks With SD-WAN Services

Our SD-WAN services decrease downtime and enhance enterprise operational efficiency, utilizing innovative solutions for managing your network. We offer managed SD-WAN services with the flexibility to support various deployment options and handle applications on any type of WAN network. With our off-the shelf customizable SD-WAN framework, NetvirE, we help our customers achieve the time to market needs. NetvirE is an SD-WAN architecture designed to meet the complex needs of modern wide area networks and can be easily altered to meet your business requirements.

Network Management Services

Our network management services enhance operational efficiency and decrease downtime, utilizing class-leading solutions for managing an enterprise network. We provide a simplified, converged, and multilayer management services that implement end-to-end lifecycle management for carrier-grade networks of all bandwidths. Leverage our element and network management system (EMS/NMS) expertise to maximize efficiencies in operations, management, and fulfillment of carrier-class services, supporting advanced networks.

ThinkPalm 5G Services

Minimizing investments while increasing revenue potential with our 5G services! ThinkPalm’s 5G services explore innovative revenue streams, business models and implement service differentiation that can improve average revenue per user. With our vast experience in communications and product engineering services, we innovate and generate unique experiences, for each of our customers. Transform your business and create better connectivity across a vast number of devices with ThinkPalm 5G services.

OUR Capabilities

We develop highly interoperable and easily understandable protocols that serves telecommunication requirements and handles events present in the communication architectures.
Leverage our state of art testing infrastructure and testing expertise in network topology testing and traffic analysis, supports protocols for routing, MPLS, IP multicast, authentication etc.
Management System
Leverage our element and network management system (EMS/NMS) to maximize efficiencies in operations, management, and fulfillment of carrier-class services.
Eliminate various challenging hurdles, such as the development of containerized VNF infrastructure and the elimination of virtual machines to drive down hardware costs with our SDN/NFV Services.
Make your enterprise networks agile, robust and secure, with our customizable SD-WAN framework and services that optimizes business processes to innovate connectivity.
Production Support
We provide L1/L2/L3 technical and production support for our telecommunication services. Strategically addressing customer needs and establishing a strong customer support.
Related Services

Overcome time to market risks and reduce R&D expenses with our telecom product development services, from conceptualization, design & development to product deployment.

Our firmware development services offer both high-level and low-level firmware for a wide variety of embedded systems. We create a perfect synergy between the hardware and software to make your product stable and advanced.

Update existing products, increase margins and rejuvenate product performance with customer-centric enhancements. Partner with ThinkPalm for product sustenance expertise and extend the life of existing or legacy products, software’s or applications.

We enable fast deployment and provisioning of convergent telecommunication services including SD-WAN solutions, embedded technology, signaling, LTE etc. Stay ahead in telecom service provisioning by leveraging our telecom services to seamlessly integrate and deploy new products and services.

Why Choose ThinkPalm Telecommunication Services?

ThinkPalm is aware of the dynamic needs our clientele poses during this stage of digital transformation. With our highly professional team of experts and the world-class hardware infrastructure being the pillars of our success, we are dedicated to take you to the next level of communication business with all the resources at our disposal. Partner up with ThinkPalm to enjoy these unique benefits along with a hearty experience of business fraternity and courteous cooperation:

  • Reduced lead times and accelerated time to market.
  • Reduced operational overhead.
  • Improved productivity with in-house developed frameworks and tools.
  • Reduced costs of testing by leveraging in-house testing infrastructure.

Our experts can bring your product ideas to life with next-gen digital technologies!

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