DocDrive Document Management Software
ThinkPalm Solutions
Preethi Ann Thomas October 13, 2017

Are you reeling under the laborious paperwork in your organization – documenting data, filing them, storing them in lockers..? Quite time, space and resource-consuming right? Technology is forging ahead and now is the era of digitization. Make sure you are not left behind in the technology headway by bidding goodbye to the heap of papers mounted on your office desk and leveraging document management software, being widely used for content management in enterprises. “DocDrive” helps you go paperless and increases your efficiency and productivity by digitizing your documents.

Document Management System

The electronic document management software helps digitize, organize, secure and retrieve data files on demand. It ranges in size and scope from small, standalone systems to large-scale enterprise-wide configurations and can be customized based on enterprise needs.

Key Features of Document Management Software

  • Document Operations
  • Document Archival
  • Document Security
  • Document Hierarchy
  • Viewers Log Maintenance
  • Document Version History Maintenance

DocDrive Interface

Data can be organized into folders and sub folders in a tree structure and can be viewed, edited, downloaded, dragged and deleted. It ensures data security by restricting access and data operations to selected folders through user permissions. Files can also be shared with external users through hyperlinks. Logs are maintained to keep track of users modifying files, operations performed, date, version and more. Document preview is an add-on.

The DMS software thus saves space and time by helping you manage all your documents at a button’s click, without the risk of losing them. Storing paper is expensive, and DocDrive can save you all that money in the long run! In short, it is “the” solution for small, medium and large enterprises that are aspiring to improve their businesses through seamless document management.

It’s time to go paperless!!!