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Silpa Sasidharan May 31, 2024

The digital age is revolutionizing every sector, every industry, and our day-to-day life. In today’s smart homes, having reliable and robust home Wi-Fi solutions is more vital than ever. However, manufacturers can find it challenging to develop smart home devices with secure and stable data flow.

ThinkPalm, relying on its expertise in Wi-Fi connectivity, addressed the challenges faced by Renesas Electronics Corporation, a leading global service provider for advanced chipsets and wireless solutions.

Let’s examine the specific challenges Renesas faced and check how ThinkPalm has provided them with targeted fixes. Also, we will explore the benefits Renesas received while collaborating with ThinkPalm to completely upgrade their home Wi-Fi solutions for exceptional user experience. 

The Evolving Smart Homes Arena

The emergence of home devices has completely transformed the way we interact with our living surroundings. Further, intelligent security systems ensure real-time monitoring and modern-day entertainment solutions provide a customized user experience. But at the same time, this kind of interconnectivity necessitates a more stable Wi-Fi network that can handle the ever-increasing demand and the security of information and data.

The traditional Wi-Fi network has many drawbacks. The most common of them are:

Limited Coverage

Physical obstacles such as thick walls and multiple floors can cause Wi-Fi signals to weaken considerably and sometimes disappear completely.

For example, brick, hard metal, and concrete walls can absorb Wi-Fi signals. Similarly, homes with multiple floors suffer from weak signals, especially on the upper floors if the router is located on the lower floor. Other factors influencing Wi-Fi signals include large appliances, fish tanks, and mirrors.

Congestion in Network

With several devices competing for bandwidth, network congestion becomes common, eventually leading to buffering, slow loading times, and even dropped connections.

With several number of devices sending and receiving data, network congestion can lead to poor user experience. For example, sluggish loading times and delays during video calls can be frustrating.

Data Security Concerns

When more devices connect to the network, the chances of security risks increase. Top of all, compromised network security makes it easy to fall prey to hackers and cause physical disruption by breaking into smart home devices. Also, using strong passwords, creating a special network for smart home devices, and updating firmware improves data security in home Wi-Fi settings.

What Challenges Did Renesas Face in Offering Next-Gen Wi-Fi Connectivity?

Renesas, one of the leading manufacturers of wireless and microcontrollers, identified a few challenges to improving its Wi-Fi capabilities. Their Wi-Fi chipsets are integrated into several smart homes, and the evolving landscape of home Wi-Fi networks necessitated them to address the following challenges.

What Challenges Did Renesas Face in Offering Next-Gen Wi-Fi Connectivity

Ensuring uninterrupted wireless network access for cloud-based applications.

Developing RDK Wi-Fi HAL APIs and Integrate Plume Agent in the Renesas chipsets

Creating and developing firmware and kernel-space drivers to streamline performance

How Did ThinkPalm Help Tackle the Problems Renesas Faced?

When Renesas approached ThinkPalm, our expert Wi-Fi team started working on fixing the pain points by addressing each of them. ThinkPalm’s expertise in software development and AI helped Renesas receive the right solutions they were looking for. Let’s take a detailed look at the key solutions offered by ThinkPalm:

RDK Wi-Fi HAL Integration

ThinkPalm helped Renesas support Plume Agent functionality to enable advanced network management features. The HAL API integration allowed the Renesas chipsets to communicate and interact with the Plume Agent.

Further, it helped incorporate advanced solutions for home network management. Imagine Plume Agent as a network conductor that can streamline data flow, allocate bandwidth for critical tasks, and offer solutions to recognize and fix issues automatically! The final result is an even more reliable and smoother Wi-Fi experience for home users.

Wi-Fi Telemetry Driver Development

ThinkPalm developed customized Wi-Fi telemetry drivers for the Renesas chipsets. These custom chipsets serve as data bridges, allowing them to gather and select useful data about the Wi-Fi network. The telemetry data exposes the efficiency at which the data travels, recognizes any bottleneck, and offers valuable insights in relation to user behavior.
How Did ThinkPalm Help Tackle the Problems Renesas Faced

BSS Transition Support

Thanks to ThinkPalm’s expert guidance, Renesas chipset is now empowered with advanced BSS transition support. It acts as a switch operator that directs connection between Wi-Fi access points.

Further, it prevents connection issues when a user moves from one room to the other. BSS transition support guarantees smooth transitions and thus maintains an unbroken connection for all home devices. There is a constant strong signal everywhere, regardless of where the user is inside the home.

Radio Occupancy Algorithms

With Radio Occupancy algorithms, Renesas chipsets received a robust wireless efficiency upgrade. Suppose your Wi-Fi network is like a busy highway, and radio occupancy algorithms act as smart network traffic controllers, continuously analyzing network usage.

By closely watching how crowded the radio frequencies are, the algorithms optimize data flow. Therefore, during this process, they can identify much less crowded channels and steer the data transmission accordingly. The result is unbroken, smooth communication and quick loading times with the least interference. These intelligent algorithms optimize the home Wi-Fi network and ensure a flawless and delay-free experience for users.

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What were the Most Significant Features ThinkPalm Provided for Renesas?

The above solutions from ThinkPalm made Renesas improve its competitive edge in the realm of home Wi-Fi solutions. Besides addressing their specific challenges, there are several core features ThinkPalm has implemented for Renesas. Let us take a closer look at the core features below.

Scanning Features

ThinkPalm carried out functionalities such as On/Off channel scanning for effective network analysis and provided a Full Scan Report for complete network visibility. These capabilities allowed network administrators and users to recognize potential problems and optimize network performance.

Data Gathering and Reporting

Data collection and neighbor reports are critical and provide valuable information on network performance. Further, they enable continuous monitoring of data transfer speed, recognize crowded channels, and fix connectivity problems.

What were the Most Significant Features ThinkPalm Provided for Renesas

Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) and Zero-wait DFS

These capabilities helped Renesas chipsets to function in congested environments. Also, it dynamically selects less crowded Wi-Fi channels, thereby maximizing the efficiency of a network and noticeably reducing interference.

Smart Device Connection Management

ThinkPalm helped Renesas optimize device connectivity through basic and legacy steering alongside 11K/V steering. Further, the home Wi-Fi solutions enabled the devices to connect automatically to the strongest available Wi-Fi access point, reducing network congestion for a better user experience.

Statistics on Associated Stations

By providing statistics on associated stations, ThinkPalm helped users get real-time information on connected devices, signal strength, data transfer speed, and the type of device. Additionally, it allowed users to fix connectivity issues easily.

Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) and Channel Occupancy Reporting

To streamline network management, ThinkPalm incorporated ACS and Channel Occupancy Reporting features. ACS selects the best channel for Wi-Fi devices automatically. On the other hand, Channel Occupancy Reporting offers useful information on network configuration optimization.

These additional capabilities from ThinkPalm not just enhanced the Wi-Fi services from Renesas for home users but also paved the way for a strong foundation for futuristic solutions.

What are the Benefits Renesas Received by Collaborating with ThinkPalm in Offering Advanced Home Wi-Fi Solutions?

Partnering with ThinkPalm for their home Wi-Fi solutions upgrade helped Renesas yield several benefits that enabled them to embrace a fail-safe platform for modern-day homes. Let us see the benefits in detail:

Stable Network Connectivity

Network congestion is a serious challenge for home connections. With ThinkPalm’s persuasive network connectivity solutions, Renesas significantly enhanced user experience. Also, dropped connections have become a thing of the past; smart device management and faster loading times are the new story. Top of all, home users can leverage the full potential of their devices.

Advanced Network Management

ThinkPalm’s advanced home Wi-Fi solutions empower network administrators and users to have greater control over their home networks. For example, neighbor reports, statistics collection, and Channel Occupancy Reporting offer useful information on network performance. Further, they help fix potential issues and favor network optimization for exceptional user experience.
What are the Benefits Renesas Received by Collaborating with ThinkPalm in Offering Advanced Home Wi-Fi Solutions

Advanced Security

Reliable connectivity is critical for securing home network solutions. ThinkPalm enabled robust integration with Wi-Fi security protocols. Also, it facilitated features such as network segmentation, which isolates guest networks from the main network. The advanced home WI-Fi solutions further led to reducing risk vulnerabilities associated with unauthorized access.


The key features developed by ThinkPalm are not just effective for current home Wi-Fi needs but also aim to future-proof home Wi-Fi solutions delivered by Renesas. Smart home devices will continue to grow over a period of time, and ThinkPalm’s advanced solutions ensure that the chipsets from Renesas can manage the ever-evolving demands of smart home networks.

Next-level User Experience

The network connectivity upgrade facilitated by ThinkPalm’s advanced solutions aims to offer an exceptional user experience. When dropped connections are rare, faster loading times become the order of the day, and intelligent device management is in place, users can make the most of their home devices.

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Wi-Fi 6 device shipments are predicted to grow from 18% in 2023 to 32% in 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are home Wi-Fi solutions by Google?
Google Wi-Fi is a home mesh Wi-Fi system that provides reliable Wi-Fi coverage for the entire home. It replaces the traditional router and needs an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and modem to connect to the World Wide Web.

Which type of home Wi-Fi solutions are ideal?
Households with several devices can consider high-speed plans. For example, home users with more than five connected devices should choose a minimum speed of 100 Mbps or more.

Final Thoughts

The association between Renesas and ThinkPalm is a perfect example of the power of collaboration for driving innovation and excellence in the smart home ecosystem. Combining the advanced chipsets of Renesas with the wireless product engineering and development expertise of ThinkPalm has resulted in delivering an outstanding Wi-Fi experience for several home users.

The smart home network market is evolving rapidly, and the potential of using AI and machine learning helped both companies tackle the challenges together and opened up new opportunities in providing a next-generation Wi-Fi experience for home users.  

At ThinkPalm, we focus on providing futuristic solutions in the wireless sector, leveraging the most advanced technology. From wireless software development to wireless testing services, we have come a long way to help you resolve all wireless-related woes.

Explore the range of wireless-related services to make your Wi-Fi solutions promising and future-oriented! Contact us today to get a complete upgrade on home and industrial networks and gain a competitive advantage in the global markets!

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