6 Factors Affecting the Selection of Software Outsourcing Destination
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Silpa Sasidharan June 9, 2023

If you work in an industry dealing with software development services in the UK, you might have probably wanted to derive the benefits from relying on an outsourced partner. Have you ever noticed that outsourcing software projects help businesses to work more efficiently?

Previously, software outsourcing services were limited to outsourcing software development to a third-party service provider. But recently, the IT industry is witnessing a big boom, as does the outsourcing business. 

Today, outsourcing services have expanded their scope from just providing technical support. Now it has grown to offer advanced services in artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based services and many more. Indeed, depending on clients’ specific requirements, several software outsourcing services have started expanding their areas of services. 

Despite its several advantages, getting assistance from an offshore outsourcing company and managing your project with a development team from another country poses several issues. Nevertheless, it can be sorted out well if you select the right outsourcing partner. In this article, we will outline some key considerations businesses should consider when choosing a software outsourcing destination.

What needs to be considered while selecting a software outsourcing destination? 

Let’s discuss the six significant factors to consider when selecting a suitable offshore outsourcing company.

Factors for choosing the right software destination


1. Industrial Experience and Technical Skills

Companies boast about their services; however, when you expand your team by hiring offshore developers, verify their skills and expertise in handling complex projects. But when you select an outsourcing destination, consider making decisions after looking into the skill sets your outsourced partner possesses for implementing a particular project. If you seek the help of a third-party partner for the first time for software development services, verify client reviews of such prospective services.

You can use your social media handles to find skilled, experienced services specializing in outsourcing to offshore software development. Also, ask for referrals from friends or those who have relied on their services. It is more reliable compared to reviews and testimonials. You can ask for their recommendations and opinions before deciding. While evaluating the capabilities of your prospective outsourcing partners, it is wise to go through their completed projects and refer to the success stories in the recent past. If your company is planning to outsource, it should consider the level of complexity involved in each project because the technology usage also differs between the countries seeking to outsource and the country to which the project gets outsourced. 

2. Time Difference Between the Two Places

Many consider time-zone differences as one of the biggest hurdles in software development outsourcing. However, it has its advantages as well as limitations. You can use time zone differences to your advantage based on the capabilities of your potential outsourcing partner. Global outsourcing services provide opportunities to make your business function 24/7. You have the advantage of staff availability day/night and reduced project timelines.

Furthermore, tech experts at almost all popular outsourcing destinations are now familiar with working around the clock. It works better with regular follow-up meetings and effective communication methods and tools. Indeed, time zone differences interfere with the timeframe for conducting such meetings. However, many global outsourcing destinations have adapted to the business hours of software development services in the UK, Australia and the US. Evidently, top outsourcing partners such as India, Ukraine, Philippines, Romania, Mexico and Malaysia serve global software companies by working 24/7. Above all, the outsourcing team ensures uninterrupted communication, easy follow-up, and faster delivery and implementation of projects.

3. Language and Communication Skills

If you are a software development service in the UK planning to outsource projects, ensure your partner’s team has good communication skills, particularly English-speaking skills. While you rely on top global outsourcing service providers in India, you will get assurances that they will meet the criteria for language proficiency. Lack of language and communication barriers can negatively affect the workflow and mutual understanding. 

Therefore, before the project starts, companies seeking outsourcing services should thoroughly check if the development team, leads, project coordinators, and managers possess an excellent command of the English language. Usually, experienced and skilled outsourcing providers from top outsourcing regions such as India meet the language proficiency criteria. The comparatively low price of software development makes India stand out from other countries in Asia. Further, it has been making its mark in software development and advanced technology applications for over two decades. As a result, communication and language skills play a key role in selecting the right outsourcing destination. 

4. Cultural Differences

Just like language and communication skills, cultural differences also impact outsourcing services. Projects involving software development require continuous interaction right from the beginning of the project to the finish. If people with similar socio-cultural backgrounds come together and work remotely, we can ensure a certain degree of mutual understanding. It makes a clear difference in project implementation and delivery as several like-minded people work coherently.

Also, you can look into the regions your prospective outsourcing partners serve during the selection process. If they have a good track record in offering services in the UK or the US for a long time, they are likely highly reliable. Therefore, before selecting an outsourcing service provider, make sure that you look into the cultural differences to ward off any issues that may arise during the course of the project. 

5. Data Security Measures

Often, you have to share user data and copyright information with third-party software services while outsourcing. Therefore, there is a need for standards and rules for data security. Experienced and reliable outsourcing services establish security policies to prioritise data protection. This policy ensures absolute data security while outsourcing software services. Every outsourcing company has concerns over data protection and security. 

Indeed, different outsourcing destinations have different regulations and standards. Therefore, it is most appropriate to clearly understand the data security measures in the country where you wish to outsource projects. Specifically, as a company seeking outsourcing services, you should verify the network security standards of the country in which your potential outsourcing partner functions. Also, you need to double-check the reliability of the IT infrastructure. Without further ado, it is clear that you should choose an outsourcing location that follows strict data security measures and fits into your cyber security standards. In such cases, no matter what happens, you can ensure that the data is safe and secure.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Last but not least, one of the key purposes of software development outsourcing is to optimise costs. Ensure you select your outsource partner who offers reliability and flexible pricing options. Therefore, you can choose from several options that fit well into your budget. You can access the best software development services at cost-effective rates.

Generally, there are three pricing models: fixed-price, time and material, and dedicated development team. The fixed-price model suits small and medium projects, whereas the time and material model allows you to pick expert services to work on a project for a limited period. Each model serves a different purpose, and selecting the right outsourcing destination based on the prices charged for services should include evaluating the best model that works for the unique needs of your business. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. What needs to be considered when outsourcing software development? 

When considering an offshore software development team, there are several crucial factors to remember. Here are some key considerations. First, you must consider the experience and technical expertise and verify quality assurance measures, collaboration, scalability, data protection, cost and value offered by the offshore outsourcing services.

2. What are the five key reasons for outsourcing?

Recently, outsourcing has gained much significance in helping companies to assign tasks to service providers from other countries. Organizations have several reasons to use outsourcing. The five key reasons for outsourcing are cost savings, scalability, business growth, network security, and competitiveness.

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Selecting the right software destination involves careful contemplation of several factors. Each destination offers potential advantages and poses risks. if you are a company in the UK, planning to outsource software development services, you need to have a clear idea about the implications for your project, weigh the benefits and flaws, and then make a choice.

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