How Is Facial Recognition In AI-driven Smart Vending Machines Enhancing The Retail Industry
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Ricky Philip August 29, 2019

Face Recognition In Vending Machine

Digitalization and the internet are accelerating the momentum of innovation and remodeling multiple industries, all around the globe. The implementation of machine learning and image processing techniques are enhancing the way the industries reach out to their potential customers, transforming the future of smart devices at a steady pace. 

The use of Artificial Intelligence has brought transformative opportunities to the traditional retail industry and has made the sector more profitable. By examining the purchasing behavior of customers, brands can recognize patterns and make real-time decisions for future sales. Therefore, the devices implemented with AI can be coded to perform various tasks, from customer service to product recommendations. 

This wide adaptability of artificial intelligence has been used in various fields, from complex missions to send a man to the moon; to something as simple as making personalized coffee for customers.

Face RecognitionFacial Recognition In AI-driven Intelligent Vending Machine

Artificial Intelligence is changing the face of automated retail by offering the highest level of customer interaction through intelligent and customized offers. ThinkPalm, a custom software development company has come up with a cutting edge facial recognition application that paves the way to intelligent user interaction in smart vending machines. The AI-based application achieves face recognition through Convolutional Neural Network technology and along with signage application, offers, and endearing customer journey.

The Intelligent Signage System integrates artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning and neural networks to provide smart recommendations based on the user’s previous preferences.

How Users Can Benefit From An AI-driven Vending Machine With Intelligent Signage System


AI in vending Machine

  • Identifying And Recognizing An Individual Person

With the implementation of Artificial intelligence-based face recognition, a vending machine can identify the user and their previous preference. This helps the vending machine to collect the user’s data from a server and provide them with a personalized snack or drink by analyzing the collected data. With advances in facial recognition algorithms, it has become easier for machines to identify individuals based on age or gender. 

  • Users Preference Should Only Be Added Once

Generating and understanding patterns is essential in determining the choices of users. When using an intelligent vending machine for the first time, the user should provide their preferences from which the machine starts learning for future recommendations. In future uses, the vending machine identifies the user through AI-enabled facial recognition and provides suggestions, so that the purchase is made effortless.  

  • Enhanced Customer Loyalty Due To Customized Offers

Artificial Intelligence uses customer interaction history to acquire a precise profile for each customer, allowing AI implemented devices to deliver high levels of personalization in customer engagement. With artificial intelligence and facial recognition, a customer appearance is stored in a database, where it can be stored for a long time. Regular customers can be identified with facial identification and the Intelligent Signage System implemented in the vending machines can showcase customized offers for these customers.

How About AI, For Your Business?

Vending machines have undergone innovative changes over the past few years, using sophisticated machine learning capabilities and artificial intelligence. With high-definition smart signages, the ability to interact with the customer’s and provide a user-friendly experience is all quite simple. Such AI-infused smart innovations and software technology will surely go far beyond simply dispensing food and beverage to something more revolutionary.

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