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Alwin Jose June 19, 2017

Vehicle fleet management systems are becoming increasing popular as these can decrease expenses when it comes to managing drivers and simultaneously aid in running a well-organized fleet. Additionally, companies can create profiles of drivers through data feedback to the fleet management system. This helps in keeping track of the efficiency of drivers who are becoming a costly resource to the company through undisciplined driving and poor time management. Using the data obtained from the fleet management system, drivers can be effectively managed.

State and National highways of India are full of surprises due to imprecise road engineering, lack of pavement facilities and untrained drivers. Therefore understanding the road environment through risk perception is very vital. It is very important to maintain tracking mechanisms and vehicle upkeep through vehicle tracking system. The effectiveness of transportation can be definitely enhanced through the timely monitoring of these aspects.

Working of Fleet Tracking Software

The working of a fleet tracking system is simple. A GPS hardware should be installed in the vehicle. The device installed in the vehicle transmits a signal to orbiting satellites which transmit this information back to a specified computer. This information is then displayed on maps, allowing the fleet manager to monitor speed and exact whereabouts. GPS device provides information on the exact location. A fleet tracking software can potentially give real-time data of the journey.

Astra Fleet Tracking Software - Working

Astra – The One Fleet Management Software Every Fleet Manager Needs!

Astra – the fleet management software from ThinkPalm Technologies can assist the fleet manager in effectively managing the fleet.

Astra Fleet Management Software - Dashboard

With our comprehensive GPS tracking system, a fleet manager can have up-to-date data about driver actions, vehicle performance, bus location and more!

Astra Vehicle Fleet Management Software - Driver Scorecard

Astra Data Server

ASTRA data server is an independent GPS server. It is a GPS hub to manage GPS data from the device/object. Thousands of devices/objects can be managed through Astra data server. It has the feature to support different hardware devices and protocols. The server has the capability to handle various information from device/object, such as vehicle speed, latitude & longitude coordinates, angle, altitude, RFID, iButton, and other connected sensor parameters. GPS data can be accessed through different APIs provided. Data saved in the data server is real-time and can accessed any time in future!

The solution can also be used for student and school bus tracking. Learn more!