Life at ThinkPalm…
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Anil Achoora April 8, 2016

Well to describe my association with ThinkPalm, I can say only one word “Wow!!”. But this journey had some moments which were touching and require a special mention.

The first and foremost thing I would like to mention is the bonding which the employees and management share. Attending marriages of colleagues has been like attending a family function. The trips beat even the college time galas! Sports days have brought out tremendous talent in each employee. With the rise of some previously unknown champions, the belief I held about not having a healthy life style in a technology oriented company demolished!

Life at ThinkPalm

The tug of war competition was a special occasion when every team member was ready to get hurt but wouldn’t let the ThinkPalm flag down. Events like Sports Day, Onam and X-mas celebrations had an icing on the cake – the participation or I can say the demonstration of excellence by the women staff of ThinkPalm. The way they exhibited 100% commitment is one that serves as an example of living with dignity and pride. The parties here have a life of their own. It is amazing to see how comfortable people are with the top brass in the parties! The most touching part of the association with ThinkPalm would be the value it places on an employee and his/her family.

It’s apt to say that the company sees each employee as an asset and will go to great extents to ensure their personal well-being. I have seen both tears of happiness and tears of sorrow here. I can say that the tears were shared equally by all, no matter what kind they were.

Having known the world as a tough one to fight with honesty, I derive great motivation from the fact that achievers are the ones who are honestly dedicated – I’ve got great examples right here! It’s become a home away from home. The games we played, the moments we shared, the dreams we cherished, everything will remain imprinted in our memory. It’s written in a script – not Devanagari, Hebru or Kolezhuthu I say; the life at ThinkPalm is written in an event script!

And it always is sooooooo eventful to be here, you will get “ThinkPalmed” for sure!!