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Ricky Philip August 5, 2019



“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”
– Albert Schweitzer

Yesterday, on the auspicious occasion of Friendship Day, we at ThinkPalm reached out to our founders, who had started the business together as friends and still maintain it over a decade later and the employees, who’d love to open up about their friendships at ThinkPalm.

Not only have the founders & employees succeeded in building a prosperous company, but over the years they’ve deepened their friendships and perceived how to encourage one another through all of life’s ebbs and flows, personally & professionally. Whether you need the motivation to modify that plan of yours into a successful business or simply demand a slight boost when you’re down in the dumps, it’s never a bad idea to sit with your best buddies and have a chat about it.

And it all makes sense here:

We hear of the inventors who woke up one fine day with a bright idea to do something and change the world, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, we often hear stories of colleagues experiencing something together, or waxing philosophically, when one of them says something along the lines of, “Hey, what if we did something like this?” And that’s precisely how the entire concept of ThinkPalm was born!


Over a decade ago, on a night after a successful client meeting, ThinkPalm co-founders Mr. Rejish M Unni and Mr. Santhosh S, who used to be colleagues in their previous organization, sat down at a hotel in Alleppey. The conversation at the hotel soon led to the ideas of how their skills could be used in the growing telecom industry and product engineering.

“We saw how complementary our skill sets were and how successful we could be together as a team in the telecommunication and product engineering industry—and a lightbulb went off” says Mr. Rejish co-founder of ThinkPalm. This idea was further elaborated and discussed with another colleague Mr. Manoj K P, current CEO of ThinkPalm, who shared a similar aspiration as his friends. Bonding over a shared frustration of making a difference in the industry, their ideas soon took off with the help of a friendly investor. The friendship and the similar thoughts that they shared is what eventually led to the whole concept of ThinkPalm; it is the bond that holds the foundation of a multi-million dollar company today!

Their mutual understanding and trust for each other gained them new business partners, investors, and customers. The first being Mr. Biju Nair, the current Chairman, Board Of Directors of ThinkPalm. Mr. Biju, a friend of Mr. Rejish was first met as a potential customer for ThinkPalm services. The optimistic approach and determination of ThinkPalm team soon convinced Mr. Biju the potential behind ThinkPalm, which led to the foundation of a new friendship among the four Board members of ThinkPalm, which remains until today.

If we cannot be great friends to the people who are valued to us, we cannot be the relationship builder we expect to become for running a prosperous business. All this shows us that we all need friendships in our private lives, and some of those may evolve from or lead to business relationships. Building relationships play a significant part in expanding a business, and somebody who loses understanding & perspective in dealing with their closest associates is one step away from handling every relationship as a transaction.

This Friendship Day, we celebrate the success of friends and family at ThinkPalm.


AjayAAlunkal Ajay A Alunkal

When we meet a bunch of people who are aligned to a similar thought process especially in a professional environment, we tend to have a feeling of a second home in our life. ThinkPalm as an organization has definitely given me a feeling of a second home. My long tenure in this organization has given me lots of ‘FPOC’ (first point of contact) when I get into tougher situations. I am sure it’s only because of the acceptance and truthfulness between many of my colleagues which prompts me to reach out to them for supporting hands.

Ameena K.

When I joined ThinkPalm, I was introduced to each and everyone in the organization. Not just the top management, not just my reporting officer, but to each and every one!

From day one, I knew faces, I could speak to anyone with ease. Some of them even felt like long lost friends. Maybe it’s because of the way a new joiner is introduced, or maybe it’s the beauty of an amorous team. ThinkPalm always gives the freedom for networking and prompts to break your shell to interact with others. That freedom might be the reason for the good friendships I have today.

I could build a very genuine friend circle in a very brief time. All of them are still close to heart, and sure it’s because of the amazing ThinkPalm culture.

SreedeviCVSreedevi C V

ThinkPalm is full of inspiring men and women whose passion has encouraged and motivated me, but what inspired me the most is how our company founders interact with each and every one of us. Their responsibility and compassion for the employees, driven by the fact that how humble they were; gave us more opportunities to interact with them, bringing us all together more like a family. The friendship between our founders is based on trust and care; which has truly inspired me to become someone who I am and not to pretend to be something I’m not. For me, the most rewarding part of the job is to absorb the aura of friendship that they radiate and I’m sure that this approach will surely take the company to newer heights.

nithinNithin K Prakash

IT industry is not driven by the computers or the air-conditioned offices or the revolving chairs but by the human resources. Collective effort of the people is the vital aspect of the success of any project and collective effort comes only when there is a rapport between the people involved.

It is good to put extra effort to finish a task on time, spending late nights but how would you feel if you have a companion next to you to finish the task?
How would you feel if you have a friend next to you in a failed project?
How would you feel when you have a companion with you while writing a supplementary exam?
It is not just about finishing a task but the quality of time you enjoy to finish the same makes the difference. Life is not about finishing or achieving a goal but how much you have enjoyed achieving it determines the true success.

jaseenaJaseena M

It’s been almost 6 years atThinkPalm for me and I’ve learned so many new things: colleagues taught me about the industry and the best part is that I made a lot of friends here, who are more like a family now. I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person. ThinkPalm gave me a feeling of being protected, cared and the staff here has always been my inspiration. My colleagues are always willing to help with any matter, they have always been there for me and celebrating friendship day with each one of them is the happiest day of my life.

sumeshSumesh S

At ThinkPalm, we have always had a chance to help others or contribute to society. Everyone here at ThinkPalm is always willing to help, which makes the famous saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed” absolutely true. I witnessed this true friendship, during the most difficult time when Kerala was facing the flood, we ThinkPalmaties came forward to help our friends and their relatives who were affected. This really showed how close we were as friends than colleagues at a company. At ThinkPalm we always get a strong feeling that there will be friends/colleagues for help and care in our difficult times or when we need.

JigeeshuCJJigeeshu CJ

ThinkPalm is a company that supports and believes in their staff. I have developed a lot during my time here and continuously grow because of the challenges and opportunities that come my way. What I find most impressive about ThinkPalm, are the people and the directors. They have created an environment, where it brings the employees together, with cultural activities, sports and various other social activities. These activities at ThinkPalm involve creative ideas to be executed with collective effort! What’s more fun than doing what you like with like-minded people ?! “Maintaining true friendship” is just a by-product!


I instantly connected with ThinkPalm staff members when I met them at the beginning of 2016 for the first time. From the onset, I noticed that the Managing Directors had the ability to motivate people and encourage them to come together as friends.

For the past 3 years, I was fortunate enough to make a lot of friends here, which I’m sure will remain with me for the rest of my life. From the beginning itself, I could feel the vibe of friends and family at ThinkPalm and I just got glued instantly into it. There happened to be Friends from other projects who hang in up till night when you finish up a release or they stay to hold you back when you blackout some night. So yea surrounded by these nice colleagues who always wanted you to win will always increase the magnitude of your dreams.

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