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AI Chatbot Services

Chatbots are simple and minimalist, and we like to keep it that way. With our chatbot development services, we develop chatbots that are easy to integrate with any platform and provide precise responses to customers. Our chatbot provides just the responses that your customers are looking for and nothing more or nothing less!


Chatbot Design

We work on your requirements and specifications to custom-design intelligent chatbots that are relevant to your domain.


Chatbot Architecture

Our chatbot APIs are capable of integrating across multiple domains and platforms. So, you can create personalized experiences for your customers.


Natural Language Processing

With NLP to identify emotions, intents and sentiments, our chatbots are capable of taking risk-aware decisions and improving customer interactions.


Chatbot Consultancy

We offer free consulting on chatbot design and development. Our experts can provide efficient insights and opinions on the chatbots for your industry.

Our Chatbot Capabilities

Intent-Based Response
Beyond understanding and interacting conversationally, our chatbot solution offers specific natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to understand the context of a conversation in multiple languages. It can also identify the intent of a question what is needed to provide an accurate first response, and also propose options to confirm or clarify intent.
Conversational AI
Conversations are, of course, the core of every chatbot. Advanced natural language processing techniques and machine learning technologies power your chatbot's every conversation, from "hello" to more complex queries.
Channel Independent
Our chatbot can integrate with any communication channels you need. From your custom mobile app to well-known social channels. Don't force your users to come to you, put your chatbot where they are. Let customers contact you using their favorite messaging platforms.
Sentiment analysis
Can a computer understand the emotions from human opinions, feelings, and moods? Our Chatbots are capable enough to use sentiment analysis to understand the attitude, opinion, and emotions from human input and respond appropriately.
Multilingual capabilities
Our chatbot helps your audience connect with you from all across the globe, widening the demographics of the customer base; gaining more international customers, including those who may not speak the same language.
Secure Customer Interaction
Our chatbots ensure enterprise-grade security, so that your interaction data is private and safe. The data are effectively stored and can be accessed only by the admins, making our chatbots truly applicable for financial interactions, retails, e-commerce and much more.

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Integrate Our Chatbot Across Multiple Platforms

Your customers value responsiveness, so why not leverage chatbots and connect with customers on any platform. Deploy the chatbot or virtual assistant technology across multiple channels and successfully assist customers with inquiries. Let your customers reach out to you through their favorite communication channel, why limit them to just one! Our conversational application interfaces can help you integrate an AI-powered virtual assistant across multiple platforms.

The Different Industries We Serve

Our Chatbots and Virtual assistants can be implemented for a number of industries. With efficient access to stored data, our intelligent chatbots can resolve queries and provide information through AI-powered insight. Our expert chatbot developers can help build custom chatbots that are relevant to your industry and can be implemented on the platform you frequently use. As a chatbot development company, our chatbot solutions across every industry can improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and free workers up for higher-value tasks.

Technology Stack

Chatbot Dashboard And Analytics

Leverage ThinkPalm's Chatbot and Virtual Assistants to provide customers with quick, consistent and accurate answers across any application, device, or communication channel. Our intelligent Chatbot analytics dashboard lets you derive insights from these interactions, so brands can make strategic and tactical decisions around customer requirements! By integrating our chatbot analytics into customer interactions provide real-time answers, allowing you to adjust service strategies accordingly - not only to meet current demands but to also predict future ones.

  • User can manage all chatbot-related activities
  • User can create multiple chatbots and add data specific to each bot
  • Users can upload intent-related Q&A for chatbot training purpose
  • The training of data can be done within the dashboard
  • Chat logs /history are securely accessible to the admin
  • Unanswered questions are stored so that the chatbot can be retrained to answer these questions
  • The existing Q&A can be easily edited and new data can be added

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Why Leverage ThinkPalm's Chatbot Development Services?

Customers today are extremely demanding, increasingly connected, and have heightened expectations for engagement. They expect to get answers quickly, at any time, through any communication channel they choose, so that they can resolve issues quickly. Is your enterprise capable enough to respond promptly to customer inquiries, or would you keep them waiting?

With over a decade of expertise in software services, ThinkPalm`s chatbot development service helps you:

Leverage the power of natural language processing 01
Understand customer emotions and intents with sentiment analysis 02
Make sense of user questions and react instantaneously with ML capabilities 03
Build, train, and deploy responses into any application, device, or channel 04
Reduce human dependencies and improve customer experiences with conversational AI 05
Securely store conversations, data, or insights, and can be only accessible by the admin 06

ThinkPalm's intelligent chatbot solutions and virtual assistants interact with customers and employees on their terms, deliver fast, accurate information across any channel, and incorporate innovative capabilities that make them, even more, smarter with time!

As digital, social, and mobile technologies become increasingly important, companies are challenged to meet customer requirements through these mediums. Enterprises and industries alike are showing interest in an automated messaging platform that allows businesses to deliver customer support, e-commerce, guidance, content and an interactive experience. As a leading chatbot development company, ThinkPalm offers virtual assistants and interactive chatbots that are developed using AI technology and can be implemented on any platform. Our intelligent chatbots provide fast, consistent responses across any communication channel and can be used by any industry.

With ThinkPalm Chatbot solutions you can keep customer interactions intuitive and repeatable, using consistent features and capabilities and help customers resolve issues quickly at any time, be it day or night. Our expert chatbot developers can help build intelligent virtual assistants that can indulge in a meaningful and interactive conversation with humans. With over 500+ talented tech experts and experienced chatbot developers, we have helped brands build AI-based chatbots that provide 24/7 customer support, build better relationships across multiple communication channels and reduce overall operational costs.

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