Feedback – Customer Survey and Analytics Application
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Renju Lawrence August 22, 2016

Why would you retain your customers? Simple! 80% of your company’s revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. So how would you retain them? Simple! Listen to them. Undertake necessary action based on their comments and feedback. Problem solved. Happy customers – increased revenue! Our Feedback Customer Survey and Analytics app helps you achieve just that!

The Traditional Way

Don’t tell me you are using the traditional way of pen and paper based feedback. Believe me it is such a hectic, time taking and non-eco-friendly activity. You never know if your paper feedback forms have been properly filled and received by the right person.

Rise of Feedback

Customer is always king and performing feedback/survey in regular intervals have become inevitable. To make the feedback collection process easier, we thought of a way to effectively collect and collate customer feedback . Thus we bumped into the idea of developing a Feedback application.

What is Feedback?

Feedback is a customer survey and analytics mobile application which runs on Android and iOS platforms. It works best on a 7” or 10” tablet device. You can use it either in stationary (fixed) mode or in hand-held mode, thus providing you the flexibility to conduct remote customer satisfaction/feedback surveys.

Feedback - Customer Survey and Analytics Application

Why Feedback?

Feedback is highly scalable and customisable for matching customer needs. It’s simple-to-use and easily understandable interface helps even a layman to perform feedback or surveys. It has got a powerful web application which enables you to configure feedback surveys and to analyse results graphically. The reporting web application is controlled by a username and password. You can create feedback questions with multiple choice answers, anytime! It allows flexibility to re-define feedback questions. Feedback application can store feedback even if it is not connected to the internet. Graphical reporting helps analyse data in an easy way. It reduces manual entry which in turn saves time.

 Feedback Reports

Feedback Pie Charts

Is Feedback customisable?

Yes. Feedback report can be customised as per your business requirement. Customisation is applicable to checklist with input options like Smiley, Slider control, Check box, Star control to name a few. Feedback can be interfaced with your existing legacy systems.

So try using our Feedback customer survey and analytics application today itself and listen to your customer comments.