Astra – Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System
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Aarathy J March 18, 2016

Are you always a bundle of nerves as your child’s school bus speeds away every day and wait with bated breath till he or she reaches home safe? Do you, as a school transport manager, have concerns about the efficiency of your school’s transport system? How about a fleet management system to track school bus and student status in real time? Astra, the school bus GPS tracking system from ThinkPalm, serves the exact purpose!

Why Astra as a Parent?

With the GPS/GPRS technology employed, Astra provides accurate information on the location of school buses. The 24×7 live-tracking app in Android and iOS platforms sends instant alerts upon school bus arrival at the respective stops, making sure you are on time to fetch your wards. The app helps you access the contact details of the drivers and helpers of your ward’s buses, helping you reach out to them in no time in case of emergencies.

Astra - Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System
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Why Astra as a School Transport Manager?

Astra helps you track school buses throughout the length of their journey in real time including instances of over speeding, engines switching off and stoppage at unusual points with the exact locations realized through geotagging. The web app thus provides a clear-cut picture of your drivers’ reliability and efficiency of your school transport system. RFID based validation incorporated in the app helps you track student attendance in buses, avoiding instances of students boarding the wrong bus and getting off at the wrong destinations. Astra’s intuitive dashboard helps maintain an extensive database of the points of contact of students, drivers and helpers and offers the functionality to send customized messages or mobile notifications to parents when demanded. Reminder alerts are sent to school authorities when tax payments, insurance and other permits near expiry. The geo-fencing feature in the asset management app ascertains your buses run within boundaries and alerts you instantly if traversed.

Astra Dashboard

The school bus tracking app comes as a big relief for all those parents and school transport administrators who remain on tenterhooks till their wards reach home safe. So what’s the delay for? Try Astra and make sure you are well informed about your student’s safety to undertake timely actions in case of emergencies.

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