Conversational AI To The Rescue: How Deploying Chatbots Can Boost Lead Generation
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Ricky Philip October 1, 2021

Advanced intelligent automation continues to grow in 2021, increasingly transferring the amount of work done by human employees to interactive bots and AI algorithms. It has helped businesses overcome the restriction imposed due to the pandemic. Helping them deliver better value, automate complex tasks, manage employees efficiently, and reduce expenses. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a pivotal role in enhancing automation from enterprise related digitization to conversational interfaces.

It is one technology that has made ever more evident impacts on not just business operations but also customer satisfaction. It is no surprise, companies that follow a well-organized approach to digital transformation can leverage substantial performance and productivity across business domains.

AI Chatbots Can Help Businesses Reimagine Lead Generation

To generate significant value, incumbent businesses must transform their complete capability stack, including the engagement layer, AI-powered decision making, core technology and data infrastructure, and operating model. If fully integrated, these capabilities can strengthen engagement significantly, supporting customers’ activities across diverse online and physical contexts. Together, with intelligent, highly personalized solutions delivered through an interface that is intuitive, seamless, and fast. Transforming the entire business model is no easy task. It requires detailed redesigning activities and organizational analysis around a portfolio of technologies. 

Rather than automating the complete business process together, enterprises must reconcile and adopt a step-by-step process.

Several enterprises currently focus on automating the engagement layer initially with the help of interactive bots and virtual assistants. These bots have immense potential in integrating core personalization elements. The advantage is that they are not restricted to any particular platform, website or network architecture. Chatbots can be integrated across a range of touchpoints with customers and can also provide superior experience with better outcomes. Conversational AI To The Rescue How Deploying Chatbots Can Boost Lead Generation

Why Is Personal Touch Essential For B2B Businesses?

Unlike B2C marketing, lead generation for B2B requires a personal touch. In B2B consumers prefer to interact with a professional in order to know more about the products or services. This is mostly because the services are expensive and have a higher value. Hence, potential B2B prospects demand highly personalized, consultative experience based on an understanding of their unique business requirements. 

Customers will have several concerns, questions and doubts along the entire buying journey! Not being able to clarify their queries on time will force them to look for alternate competitor businesses. 

Several years ago, these types of customer interactions and discussions happened through phone calls or direct visits from sales representatives. The recent travel restrictions, employee shortage, etc created a severe challenge for businesses that used the traditional customer interaction methods. This in turn influenced several brands to focus more on websites to attract potential buyers. Forms to capture preliminary information were implemented on every website, tons of emails were being sent out to customers and many similar approaches were adopted. 

With all the misconceptions and news related to data misuse and data privacy, customers were far less willing to provide companies with their personal information. 

Also, scheduling Webex meetings, individual outreach, or call-back can be extremely time-consuming as well as expensive for a business. Businesses couldn’t possibly employ enough representatives to reach out to every site visitor, interact with them and respond to their concerns!

Enter Chatbots!!

A majority of businesses are now utilizing the advancement in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to expand the frontier of value creation. By incorporating these innovative technologies into existing solutions, brands are seeing more potential. They are generating better B2B sales, customer interactions and are making remarkable progress across lead generation. Also employee management, cross-selling, and marketing opportunities have increased significantly. 

Conversational Chatbots

The chatbot is one such innovative solution that can be implemented into an existing business architecture without the need for significant modifications or application updates. A well-designed chatbot solution with analytics programs delivers a wide range of competencies. This includes recognition of images, thought patterns, making decisions, communication, adjusting the context of a statement to a situation, etc.

What is an Artificial Intelligence Enabled Chatbot?

It is an interactive computer program or bot that engages in conversation with natural language processing via auditory or textual methods. It makes use of AI algorithms to understands the intent of the user, and sends a response based on business rules and data of the organization. 

Together with subsequent artificial intelligence and machine learning strategies, it learns while extending its communication competencies and develops knowledge on how to personalize a message. With these self-learning capabilities, a chatbot can considerably improve its own rules of communication and reactions. 

Here’s How Chatbot Enhances Lead Generation

Every website must provide visitors the opportunity to interact, ask questions, make meaningful conversations, and not just blanks to fill in. As mentioned earlier, website visitors might not be quite willing to give their personal information to a website that they just came across. Often, decision makers would not even bother to read through the tons of content on a website. They simply would like to chat and discuss about your services, how it can help their business or pricing etc. Manually replying to these interactions or staying online on a website chat 24/7 is not feasible, especially for a human employee.

This is where chatbots come into play!

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

  • Secure Conversational Interaction 24/7

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based smart chatbots use natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding (NLU), and sentiment analysis. These technologies are used to interact with prospects in a humanly, yet personal manner. The chatbots integrated with these technologies can precisely understand the questions and respond with accurate answers. In case it does not understand the questions or if the queries are confusing, chatbots can promptly transfer the chat to a human employee. As AI solutions and blockchain technologies are becoming more prevalent, consumers’ skepticism or reluctance to engage with a bot is decreasing. Chatbots integrated with blockchain are very much secure and private that even banks leverage them to collect confidential credentials from clients.

  • Capable To Interact In The Visitors Native Language 

There is nothing better for a global enterprise than interacting with potential customers in their native language. Even though Google has the option to translate website content to the native language, most of the time the content will not be properly translated. This makes it extremely difficult for a non-English speaker to read or understand anything on a web page. AI-powered multilingual chatbots are capable of supporting vernacular languages. It significantly helps businesses to expand their global customer base to regions where English is not a primary language.

These intelligent chatbots can automatically translate messages into just about any language, so you can engage with every website visitor in their preferred language at a very low cost. The best advantage about these chatbots is that they can be implemented on not just websites. They can be added to any platform or Social Media network that is prominent in that particular region. Also, these bots can be programmed to abide by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws and regulations. It Helps organizations achieve GDPR compliance and ensures that your organization meets the data privacy for that region.

  • Advanced Data Analytics Capabilities

We can agree that not every customer visits a website and directly interacts with a chatbot or fills up a form. Most of them browses through the website, find what they were looking for, visit a competitor site and compare both the services to identify the best one. Even though these potential customers take no action on your business website, their browser cookies and real-time data offer a wealth of relevant insights. It gives you an idea about what the visitors were looking for or doing on your website, it also provides you their:

    • Geographic location
    • What other sites they’ve visited
    • Their areas of interest
    • Which section of your site they’re interacting with, and more.

Since there will be thousands of visitors on a website, businesses will find it extremely difficult to analyze their intentions and label them as potential customers or not. Identifying each of them individually can be laborious, time-consuming and expensive as you need more employees with respect to the increase in website visitors. Intelligent chatbots with data analytics capabilities can automatically identify potential customers by analyzing their Cookies without any human intervention. Chatbots can also progressively begin conversations with a website visitor, asking them questions related to what they are looking for and responding accurately. All these insights can significantly help in lead generation. Employees can remarket/retarget the visitors, send them personalized ads on offers or discounts, therefore converting them from a visitor to a customer.

  • Capable of Interacting with Relevant, Contextual Information

As mentioned earlier, one of the common reasons businesses cannot capture leads is that they fail to offer important information to visitors at the right time. Visitors may bounce from your website to a competitor’s site if finding the right content is challenging or the only way to interact with your team is by filling a form. Even intrusive pop-up windows that tell them to subscribe for email or chatbots that ask for personal information before interacting can turn off a customer. AI chatbots are online 24/7 and will only ask questions that are relevant to the customer’s concerns, it will be capable of responding accurately to everything the customer inquires.

If the replies are not correct and the chatbots find it too hard always to understand customer questions, then there is no point in having a chatbot in the first place. AI-based smart bots have none of these limitations. They can even use third-party data to discern the difference between a first-time visitor, a qualified lead, an existing customer. With these information they can deliver personalized conversations based on stage, behavior, or profile. Chatbots can be designed to ask sales-oriented questions to your audience and guide them to and through the entire analysis process. And finally, hand the conversation to a sales representative to take the interaction further.

What Makes ThinkPalm’s Chatbot Development Services Different?

ThinkPalm’s Chatbot Development Services is based on Deep Learning, Machine Learning (ML), Sentiment Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) models. These chatbot APIs are among the most advanced bots or virtual assistants in the market today. They have the capability to elevate customer experiences, build interactive conversations, analyze data, and can be integrated into any platform.

Businesses can easily train the chatbots using machine learning to uncover common topics in existing chat logs and quickly train bots on the most frequent issues, trending topics and questions. Our chatbots can provide your business customers with instantaneous, accurate information 24/7. Our bots can be deployed across any platform including social media networks, SMS, online communities, websites, or any messaging platform.


Your company’s website is the face of your business and more than likely it’s the first place where B2B customers will interact with you regarding your products and services. Chatbots are not only an effective solution for customers but they can be effective for your employees as well. By implementing chatbots, businesses will realize they are not just generating better leads but also helping existing customers with product-related clarifications, updates etc. If you are looking to reduce bounce rate, improve employee efficiency, collect more qualified leads, and turn more prospects into buyers then leverage our chatbot development services!

Conversational AI To The Rescue How Deploying Chatbots Can Boost Lead Generation

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