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Big Data

With the dawn of innovative technologies and abilities like Data Science and Artificial Intelligence driving complex data programs for organizations, it’s never been more essential to have a focus on mining a huge amount of data.
From data processing and machine learning to visualization, at ThinkPalm, our big data processing ecosystem is fast evolving along with advancements in technology. Our big data processing and distribution services offer a way to accumulate, process, analyze, and preserve massive amount of data. These big data processing services provide an option to process and distribute data that can be analyzed for real-time insights.

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Advanced big data analytics is reshaping the industry with innovative discoveries, more satisfying customer experiences, and enhanced services and products. At ThinkPalm, we help organizations from the initial plan to analyze and optimize sophisticated data collected across various operational environments. Using data injection and data visualization, we reduce your time to market for any service or product. ThinkPalm's team of experts connects traditional methods with breakthrough technologies in AI and Machine Learning to make your business truly data-driven.

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Services We Offer

Data Pipeline Engines
Manage data and power your analytical tools with our end to end big data pipeline engines for various data analytic use cases.
Network Analytics
Enabling smarter, data-driven operational and business decisions with a deep understanding of the network.
Data Science consultancy
Discover the true potential of your data by identifying and consolidating your business data and building predictive analytics algorithm
BI Services
We emphasize on building robust platforms and incorporate mobile and self-service capabilities across the BI user interfaces.
Social Media Analytics
Analyzing the social media platform for various needs like sentimental analysis, customer segmentation and much more.
Data Lake Building
Meet big data challenges and drive new levels of real-time analytics with data consultancy, wrangling and storage of your valuable data.

Unearth Valuable Insights With Our Big Data Services

Some research data are unique and cannot be replaced if destroyed or lost; the long-term digital preservation comprises of the processes and technologies that ensure that relevant data can be preserved. What's more, data preservation is recognized as a great practice for researchers & institutions to maintain and retain their research data, even after several years. At ThinkPalm, we offer services that can automatically inject, process and preserve a huge amount of digital content. Our services are designed to protect and preserve digital information for the long term safe-keeping and secure rapid data retrieval.

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