IIoT Platform for Wildlife Conservation | Learn How NetvirE Transformed A Wildlife Conservation Project
Industrial Internet of things (IIoT)
Vishnu Narayan June 12, 2024

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is spreading its wings across different sectors like manufacturing, retail, transportation, utilities, and even agriculture. And now, it’s making its mark in wildlife conservation, too! With the help of Industrial IoT platforms, or IIoT, wildlife projects are getting a tech boost.

Nowadays, these platforms play a crucial role in managing everything from monitoring habitats to tracking endangered species. And the best part? They do it all with less need for humans to be constantly hands-on. It’s like a big leap forward, making wildlife conservation not only smoother but also more impactful.

IIoT Platform for Wildlife Conservation | Learn How NetvirE Transformed A Wildlife Conservation Project

In this blog post, we’re exploring how NetvirE, an advanced, cloud-native, and configurable IIoT platform developed by ThinkPalm, has enabled the transformative journey of a renowned UK-based wildlife equipment supplies organization to tackle its wildlife conservation project challenges head-on.

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What was the business challenge?

Perdix is a reputed UK-based company that supplies high-quality field equipment to wildlife professionals around the world. Their main goal is to help land managers make the most of their wildlife projects. However, they struggled with monitoring diverse field activities remotely for their wildlife conservation project. As a result, they needed a cloud-based solution that was flexible, secure, affordable, and user-friendly. Recognizing this challenge as crucial to improving wildlife project management, they teamed up with ThinkPalm to find a solution.

How did the business transformation happen?

The main goal was to equip Perdix with a top-notch cloud-based tool to easily supervise and coordinate diverse field activities. This encompasses protecting crucial species and reserves, streamlining tasks such as captive breeding programs, seed banks, botanical gardens, wildlife sanctuaries, and rescue centers, and implementing efficient management strategies for zoos.

To meet this challenge, ThinkPalm teamed up with Perdix to create “PerdixPro.” This customized cloud-based system is made to be flexible, secure, affordable, and user-friendly for monitoring diverse field tasks remotely. It’s powered by ThinkPalm’s customizable cloud-native IIoT platform, “NetvirE,” which allows tailored solutions for different project needs.

What was the solution that ThinkPalm offered for Perdix?

ThinkPalm developed a tailored cloud-based IIoT solution for wildlife conservation called “PerdixPro,” offering a comprehensive set of capabilities:

Live Monitoring: 

  • Real-time alerts for habitat protection ensured by AI-based animal identification in forests
  • Centralized monitoring of wildlife sites 
  • Monitoring and alerts based on trail cameras for protected areas and reserves 
  • Sensor-based Research and Data Collection 
  • Habitat & Corridor activities Monitoring for research 
  • Tracking and controlled trapping for research: 
  • Anti-poaching trackers for animals 
  • Identification of animals based in forests 
  • Centralized data collection for International Collaboration 
  • Tracking research trapping activities live as a means of law enforcement
  • Nightlife monitoring in forests

IIoT Platform for Wildlife Conservation

Ex-Situ Management Solutions: 

  • Management of breeding programs by live monitoring 
  • Seed bank inventory management 
  • Smart botanical gardens 
  • Smart Zoo solution 
  • Rescue Centers activities management 
  • Bird monitoring

Which were the core features designed for Perdix by ThinkPalm?

To boost Perdix’s wildlife conservation efforts, ThinkPalm added these main features to “PerdixPro”:

  • Centralized monitoring for full oversight
  • Improved tracking and trapping abilities
  • Easy data collection and analysis for research and teamwork
  • Instant alerts for habitat protection
  • Smart detection of wolves or wild boars near farms and homes
  • Smooth integration with management programs for animals kept outside their natural habitat.

IIoT Platform for Wildlife Conservation | Learn How NetvirE Transformed A Wildlife Conservation Project

How did Perdix’s digital transformation with NetvirE turn out?

Perdix Wildlife Supplies, based in the UK, offers top-quality equipment for wildlife projects. Their focus on quality and innovation ensures that land managers and wildlife professionals have access to the best tools. In addition, Perdix emphasizes ethical sourcing and minimal environmental impact, guaranteeing that every product meets the highest animal welfare standards.

With the adoption of NetvirE, Perdix underwent a groundbreaking transformation in wildlife conservation. Moreover, through PerdixPro, they gained unprecedented control and efficiency in managing field activities, surpassing traditional conservation methods. Further, NetvirE’s powerful capabilities enabled Perdix to pioneer a new era of technological innovation in safeguarding ecosystems.

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Wrapping Up

As the sun sets on this transformative journey, the alliance between Perdix and ThinkPalm illuminates a path toward a brighter future for wildlife conservation. Through the power of NetvirE, they have transcended boundaries, revolutionizing how we protect and nurture our planet’s biodiversity. As we stand on the threshold of a new era, let us heed the call to action—to embrace innovation, collaboration, and stewardship as we embark on a shared mission to preserve and protect the endless wonders of our natural world for our future generations that are yet to come.

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