How Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Transform The Current Challenges Every HR Faces
Artificial Intelligence
Manju February 10, 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most sought-after technologies among companies of all sizes. It has the power to transform the HR department of organizations in ways that were hard to imagine before. Integration of AI into human resources will assist HR professionals in hiring the right talent and making informed decisions. Now let’s take a look at the benefits of incorporating artificial intelligence in human resource functions and its role in the digital transformation of HR management.

What Are The Benefits Of Integrating AI In HR Functions? 

Human resources are all about connecting organizations with their employees and overseeing their welfare. From the hiring of new employees to retaining existing employees, HR professionals play a crucial role in the functioning of organizations. Leveraging AI into human resources can assist HR teams in making fair hiring decisions by analyzing the experience of candidates against open job roles. Furthermore, AI enables HR professionals to minimize time-consuming processes by automating repetitive tasks and sorting the best resumes from the list, thereby freeing up time spent on overseeing each step in the onboarding process. 

Role Of AI In Revamping Human Resources

Integration of AI in HR brings up a world of limitless possibilities and represents a significant step forward in offering ground-breaking value to HR professionals. Here is a breakdown of the several functions played by Artificial Intelligence in human resource management:

  • Recruitment and employee referrals

AI helps HR departments to improve the candidate and employee experience by automating mundane processes. AI technology can help simplify application procedures by creating more user-friendly forms that job applicants are more likely to complete, lowering the number of applications that are ignored. This not only simplifies the responsibilities of the HR department in the recruitment process but also increases the completion rates of applications by candidates. Furthermore, AI evaluates the types of candidates being referred by employees and identifies who recommends the most active applicants, thereby allowing HR departments to obtain a better knowledge of employee referrals. When AI analyses past referrals’ data and the existing pool of applications, it may identify applicants who would be suitable for open positions. AI-powered chatbots enable new employees to get human resource support during the onboarding process at any time of day. Thus AI eliminates the burden of the HR team by making the onboarding process easier.

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  • Boost the efficiency of Learning and Development programs

In the current world of skill shortages, AI seems to be a game-changer. Learning and development (L&D) entails preparing employees for new roles that will undoubtedly require more human skills, as well as teaching them new skills. Artificial intelligence is assisting in the design of tailored learning routes using conversational analytics, ultimately leading to new vistas in learning and development. With the help of AI, HR managers can conduct skill gap evaluations and organize appropriate training sessions for all employees depending on their particular work schedules. As a result, each employee will be given a personalized training plan and timeline. HR teams will no longer have to spend time on mundane duties like designing training plans. Instead, they can focus on strategizing and refining staff development initiatives that already exist.

  • Sorting of applications

Most companies are flooded with employee applications and resumes on a daily basis. It is the duty of the HR team to review all applications and select the best individuals that align with the company’s requirements. By scanning for crucial data points like education, experience, and willingness to relocate, AI tools can be used to filter out the irrelevant candidates and evaluate ideal candidates before inviting them for in-person interviews. 

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  • Internal mobility and employee retention

Apart from enhancing the recruitment process, human resource professionals can make use of AI technologies to promote employee retention and internal mobility. HR teams may assess employee engagement and job satisfaction more accurately than ever before with customized feedback questionnaires and employee recognition programs. This is especially useful to understand employees’ overall needs. Certain AI tools are capable of evaluating employee performance and identifies the ideal employee to be promoted and forecasting employees that are more likely to quit. Knowing this information at the earliest enables HR professionals to implement retention measures before it’s too late, reducing employee attrition deliberately.

  • Automation of reports

HR teams can make use of AI tools to generate automated reports. It not only saves the time of the HR team by eliminating manual data entry but also removes errors, resulting in fewer compliance concerns. As a result, NLP-based HR reporting automation can assist in assuring compliance with both internal and external processes and regulations. HR departments can also use artificial intelligence to create highly interactive reports and dashboards for a variety of objectives, such as reviewing recruitment performance and tracking individual employee performance. Integrating AI technologies not only saves time in creating reports but also improves the quality of information contained in it.

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Human resources are the core of every organization. HR departments have a wide range of responsibilities and the stress of dealing with numerous tasks can lead to compliance concerns, missed deadlines, and other issues. Integrating AI into the human resource of your company will enable your team to manage HR processes efficiently, prevent problems, and will help the business run smoothly. By teaming up with AI service providers like ThinkPalm, you’ll be able to focus more on your employees and grow your business. Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from AI integrated HR solutions.

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