What Is AWS IoT and How Is It Enhancing Business Operations?
Internet of Things (IoT)
Feril Hazem November 12, 2021

We are currently living in a superior digital world. Nearly every device or technology around us has been developed to make jobs more relaxed and easier for employees. Futuristic devices are rising, and even automated robots are coming into the field, implemented with far more advanced AI capabilities. Whatever device we use, for instance, a smartphone, a tablet, even a smartwatch, is all interlinked or joined with each other, and it is most likely to be connected to the internet. 

At present, many startups are coming into the field with their available skills and resources. But, they are often bootstrapped and we hear many concerns that they are not having enough developers or budget to carve out an IoT architecture that follows the best practices. This is where Amazon Web Services IoT core comes into the picture. It helps in the undifferentiated heavy lifting of provisioning or managing servers while allowing businesses to connect IoT devices to the AWS cloud. 

What is AWS IoT? 

AWS IoT or Amazon Internet of Things is an Amazon Web Services platform that assembles and interprets data from internet-connected devices and sensors and combines that data with AWS cloud applications. AWS IoT can accumulate data from billions of devices and join them to endpoints for other AWS tools and services, thus, enabling a developer to introduce that data into an application.

With the help of an AWS management console, software development kits, or the AWS command-line interface, an AWS user can gain access to a comprehensive IoT architecture. The IoT service includes a Rules Engine feature that empowers an AWS customer to continuously accumulate, filter, transport, and process data that is streamed from many connected devices. A developer can compose rules in a syntax that’s related to SQL to reconstruct and design data. This feature also allows the user to configure how data interacts with big data and other automation services, for example- Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon Elasticsearch Service, and Amazon DynamoDB. 

4 Ways How AWS Is Enhancing The Internet of Things (IoT)

AWS has become one of the latest trends today. Especially when it comes to the growth and development in IoT, AWS has proven its worth. 

1. Accelerating Innovation

This is one of the advantages of AWS in IoT. From secure device connectivity to management, storage, and analytics, AWS IoT has the extensive assistance you require to create comprehensive solutions.

2. Secure IoT Applications

It enhances IoT in such a way that AWS IoT addresses each layer of your application and device security. It protects your device with defensive mechanisms like access control and encryption and also consistently auditing and monitoring your configurations with the help of AWS IoT device defender.

3. Superior AI and ML Integration

AWS has enriched IoT and its solutions to develop intelligent IoT solutions with excellent AI and ML integration. It brings AI, ML, and IoT together to build devices that are more intelligent. 

4. Scale Efficiently and Reliably

This is another factor of how AWS enhances IoT. It helps to develop innovative, differentiated solutions on proven, stable, and elastic cloud infrastructure that results in the interconnection of billions of devices and trillions of messages. 

5 Ways How AWS Is Enhancing Business Operations

AWS has helped many companies and enterprises to rise to a greater extent. Many companies have got hold of AWS because of the vast advantages it provides. McDonald’s, The Formula One Group, Moderna, Inc. are some of the few examples of companies that are innovating with AWS. 

1. Migrate with Guidance

AWS helps companies diminish costs, renew legacy applications and stimulate its cloud migration, with an outcome-driven methodology through the AWS Migration Acceleration Program. 

2. Data-Driven Enterprise

With the most extensive set of analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence services, AWS can enhance your organization to make faster decisions, grow customer experience, and decrease business risk by turning data into insights.

3. Guarantee Security, Compliance, and Resiliency

Security is the highest priority of AWS and it perfectly fits the demands of companies. AWS helps companies to develop the most stable global infrastructure, tap into the biggest ecosystem of security partners and solutions, and increase your capacity to engage core security and agreement requirements such as data locality, confidentiality, and protection.

4. Upskill and Augments the Workforce

AWS IoT magnifies company productivity by empowering them to achieve access to verified expertise, training, and best practices to help build the capacities the enterprises need.

5. Modernizes Application Development

AWS’s modern application development practices enable your organization to rapidly deliver new products. It helps them to build and operate microservices at scale by managing containers and with the complete platform for automating workflows. 

ThinkPalm IoT Services

ThinkPalm implements flexible software and hardware services designed to operate in any environment. Our IoT Services for industries are robust, cost-effective, and exceptionally simple to integrate. Companies are leveraging enterprise IoT and consumer IoT to improve productivity, derive real-time insights from connected assets, reduce costs, and drive innovation through new business models.

We leverage AWS-based IoT to produce reliable services, which helps you to reduce infrastructure costs like servers, including saving on the number of staff needed to develop and maintain the infrastructure. It also renders other advantages such as better usability, adaptability, reliability, and high performance due to which it has become the preference of many users. Contact us to get your IoT devices running on the Cloud technology and ensure increased business efficiency, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

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