Exploring HyperIntelligence: How Evolving AI Capability Can Drive Business Value?
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Ricky Philip September 28, 2022

Augmented men and women who enhance their human capabilities with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no longer far-fetched science fiction characters. In fact, it’s all of us! Even without realising it, we have integrated AI into our lives through software solutions, innovative tools, smart technology and much more. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has given us superhuman capabilities in performing our tasks quicker; it has automated our usual monotonous responsibilities, enhanced our productivity, reduced errors and even made it capable of chauffeuring us around in our cars. 

Even though we imagined a dystopian future ruled by autonomous machines that take control and govern the world, artificial intelligence proved that it’s just all about empowering people to work efficiently. 

But even AI is not enough for us! 

We were constantly looking for an alliance that moves businesses to a state where human intelligence, innovation, and imagination are liberated and enhanced by technology. 

Hence the birth of HyperIntelligence!

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What is HyperIntelligence?

HyperIntelligence (HI) is a new type of intelligence that can be used to solve complex problems and creates sustainable innovation. It is based on the latest scientific research in cognitive psychology, artificial intelligence and neuroscience. HyperIntelligence is an advanced form of intelligence that uses multiple types of information processing to make decisions. It can be applied to any area where there is a need for high-quality decision-making, including business planning, marketing strategy and operations management.

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How Hyperintelligence Helps Businesses?

HyperIntelligence helps businesses improve decision-making by providing their employees with the ability to leverage all types of information efficiently. It provides a new way of thinking about human intelligence. Also, it describes an approach to developing new ideas, products and technologies that can benefit organisations in a way that goes beyond existing approaches. The HyperIntelligence approach draws from previous work in several fields, including artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive science, and human-computer interaction (HCI). This approach recognises that there are multiple ways to increase human intelligence, and each method has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Why Hyperintelligence Over Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

We all know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes faster, more accurate, and consistent decisions for businesses by capitalising on datasets. But can AI make instant decisions? No, it cannot! HyperIntelligence proactively solves this issue and several other AI setbacks by meeting every business’s data needs. It can deliver instant, zero-click insights and actions into every business’s daily tools to improve productivity and efficiency. In short, hyperIntelligence helps businesses make data-driven decisions in real-time.

It is the solution to 3 major business challenges and an enhancement to AI in these domains: Time, Expertise and Trust.

Time: Businesses no longer have to search for data or wait for AI-based analytics before making a real-time decision.

Expertise: Hyperinteligence can be easily integrated with any modern software solution or self-service analytics tools for a business which would otherwise take time to learn manually. 

Trust: Sometimes, AI-based enterprise data systems can answer the same question differently. Hyperinteligence only provides one; that is accurate.

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Business Benefits of Using HyperIntelligence 

There is no doubt that HyperIntelligence can help a business increase its revenue and improve customer satisfaction and hence help decision makers take their company to a more competitive level. HyperIntelligence can seamlessly integrate into any existing business solution, such as even the most advanced test automation services or even chatbot development services. With easy integration and multiple benefits under its sleeve, HyperIntelligence is sure to take over AI in the coming years. 

1) Increase revenue 

With HyperIntelligence, you can easily identify customers with high purchase intent and target them with relevant offers.

2) Improve Customer Satisfaction 

HyperIntelligence technology analyses millions of data points to provide actionable insights on how to improve customer experience.

3) Increase productivity 

Integrating HyperIntelligence with modern analytics tools allows you to monitor user behaviour, identify bottlenecks in your processes, and optimise processes for maximum efficiency.

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4) Improve decision making 

With HyperIntelligence, you’ll have access to all relevant information on your desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. This means you can get answers fast and make better decisions faster.

5) Save time 

You’ll save time thanks to HyperIntelligence’s ability to provide business users with real-time intelligence data that they can consume through a variety of channels such as email, mobile devices or social media.

6) Access data anywhere 

Because HyperIntelligence is cloud-based, you can access it from any device across multiple locations, including your home or office computer, smartphone or tablet. It also means you can access historical data from previous years if you want to compare trends over time.

Is your Business HyperIntelligent?

HyperIntelligence empowers companies to automate their business processes through multiple advanced solutions. HyperIntelligence leverages natural language processing (NLP) to understand and interpret information in real-time, allowing it to deliver personalised customer service with minimal human intervention. Companies can use HyperIntelligence as an entry point for new customers without interrupting their day-to-day operations. The HyperIntelligent bot can be triggered by a purchase, inquiry, or any other event that may require customer care, such as when a customer needs assistance with his/her order. It can also be used for customer service and sales support by providing answers to commonly asked questions or offering solutions to customer problems. This allows companies to focus more on their core competencies and less on traditional call centre operations.

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Moreover, companies can also use HyperIntelligence for marketing campaigns by having it answer user questions about products and services or even trigger calls or emails based on specific keywords or phrases used in conversations with customers.

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Make Your Business Smarter With ThinkPalm AI Solutions

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