Software defined networking/Network function virtualization

We offer SDN/NFV services that virtualize traditional hardware-based network functions to enable
revolutionary changes in telecommunication architectures

Redefine the Future Of Networking With SDN/NFV


ThinkPalm Technologies offer complete support of SDN/NFV services and enables enterprises to operationalize virtual networks. Our SDN & NFV networking explores various challenging hurdles, such as the development of containerized VNF infrastructure and the elimination of virtual machines to drive down hardware costs.
At ThinkPalm, we help companies implement virtualization with minimal migration costs, supporting your company to implement SDN/NFV in a much cost-effective manner.

We Can Help Move Your Network into The Cloud

ThinkPalm offers extensive abilities to manage and deploy your network into the cloud, our experts in OpenStack can provide a complete service for cloud deployment. With the continuous evolution in SDN technology, the complexity of network operation and management has increased. At ThinkPalm Technologies, we have embraced the technology with SDN controller for carrier-grade, which helps deliver innovative solutions and tremendous industry potentials. With the implementation of SDN controller for carrier-grade, ThinkPalm provides:

  • Effortless SDN deployment to manage an entire network.
  • Interaction among Software-defined networking and Network functions virtualization.
  • The control plane and data plane will be separated on existing network equipment.
  • Increased opportunity for SDN enabled carrier networks.

Unlock significant business opportunities & accelerate innovation at scale.


SD-WAN Framework
We help build an adaptive, secure and highly customizable SD-WAN framework to optimize business processes and innovate connectivity.
Virtual Network functions
Leverage virtualization, standard servers and open software to radically change the way virtual networks are created and managed.
NFV Infrastructure services
Building and maintaining production level NFV infrastructures using public and private networks.
Network Analytics Services
From 5G to IoT, manage network traffic growth and change in demands, constantly optimizing and maintaining the required quality of service.
Management and Orchestration components
Orchestrate and manage the cloud infrastructure on which virtualized network functions (VNFs) execute based on ETSI standards.
Containerized NFV infrastructures
Allow multiple workloads to be deployed on the same host by building containerized NFV infrastructures for various use cases

Transform Your Network with ThinkPalm’s SD-WAN Services

At ThinkPalm, we employ software-defined WAN as a new approach to network connectivity, SD-WAN reduces hardware expenses and increases resource utilization. Enterprises can manage bandwidth more effectively and can allocate an essential level of performance for business productivity. SDN has evolved and is set to be a crucial element of business systems in the future. As software is used to control the network, it becomes more agile, easier to manage and it's quick to adapt to whatever use cases that emerge in the future. At ThinkPalm Technologies, we virtualize telecommunications.companies and provide advanced SDN/NFV solutions & services to transform hardware-based companies into software-based companies.

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