The Ripple Effect- Interrupt the Tranquillity and Bring Disruptive Innovation!
Company News
Admin August 10, 2016

Have you ever dropped a stone into a pond to see how far the ripples expand? Have you ever been astonished by how far these ripples, formed due to the simple act of dropping a stone, reach?

At ThinkPalm, our thoughts and actions are like a stone dropped in a water body that generate waves travelling outwards. ThinkPalm came into existence in 2010 by disrupting the then status quo of ship management and quality auditing process. From then on, nothing could hold us back from innovating further and flaring our scope across different products and market sectors. Over the last five years, we grew remarkably and have a bunch of innovative, efficient and reliable solutions in order to stay competitive.

Ripple Effect
Disrupt. Connect. Expand.

Just like the ripples, we constantly expand our operation and explore new avenues without constraining to a specific geographic location. This go-getter attitude helped ThinkPalm make a resilient and reverent association with a number of patrons across the globe.

We also relate to the ripple effect in terms of connectivity; a close-knit family of over 250 employees. Everything and everyone is connected! So whatever happens, within our network has an impact, a quiver! We know that every drop of water in a pond is an integral part of the entire pond.  Likewise, everyone in the ThinkPalm family is an essential part of the entire organisation. ThinkPalm’s culture and value system never failed to honour the contribution of each of its employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders right from its inception.

Even today we don’t wish to sit idle and are seeking pragmatic approaches in order to reach our goals in a gritty manner. We have entered the next phase of our life cycle, rebranding ourselves with a new logo, tagline, colour, website and more to cater to different segments. The new logo symbolizing “Thoughts into Action”, represented by a palm with three dots, denotes the core values upheld by ThinkPalm namely innovation, smart solutions and people oriented approach. The revised tag line “Innovate. Connect. Empower.” is in line with the company’s ability to continuously deliver innovative products and services with reduced time to market for customers across multiple industries, empowering them to advance in their respective arenas. We are moving the brand to the next level, without making any dilution to our brand promise!