Building Blocks of ThinkPalm – People, Partners, Innovative Thinking, Open Culture
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Aarathy J February 8, 2016

Building blocks…ushers in a slew of childhood memories right? Joyous memories of transforming those basic blocks into our dream structures. Sad ones when the entire structure crumbled when the finishing block was placed, as it couldn’t hold the weight. Proud moments when the creations were appreciated,agitation when a block of the desired shape was missing.

ThinkPalm's Building Blocks - People, Partners, Innovative Thinking, Open Culture
ThinkPalm’s Building Blocks – People, Partners, Innovative Thinking, Open Culture

Looking back, those sets have helped us learn important lessons. That a strong foundation is key to building a stable structure; if not it becomes impossible to sustain as you advance. ThinkPalm attains this through an open culture – an environment of knowledge sharing and collaboration, irrespective of hierarchy, to deliver exceptional services.

Another key takeaway – thinking out-of-the-box produces marvelous results! Wasn’t it more fun when we thought beyond the rules specified on the box and tried new techniques? Likewise, ThinkPalm believes in revolutionary solutions! We work everyday towards delivering innovative and smart solutions on time for domestic and international markets. Similar to realizing different structures using the same boxes, we make use of the same resources to improvise each day, to bring out something new in the market for a better future.

Each block holds the other strongly, like ThinkPalm and our stakeholders! Our strong ties with our partners and clients have been instrumental in our expansion and growth as a trusted name. Just like each block fitting perfectly into the other in a structure, our people leverage each other’s strengths and work in unison towards our goals. Each day we are adding a new block to strengthen ourselves, to emerge as a company the world looks up to!

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Aarathy J worked as a Digital Marketing analyst at ThinkPalm. She is passionate about social media marketing, content marketing and SEO. Her hobbies include reading and dancing.