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Automated software testing is crucial to application success in today’s competing business environment. At ThinkPalm, we employ top automation tools and testers who implement innovative automation frameworks using the most advanced testing infrastructure. ThinkPalm provides a comprehensive range of test automation services that helps in reducing testing time with significant cost savings, thus enhancing application quality. Through our sophisticated techniques and the help of continuous verification, validation and quality assurance service, we bring in great advantage to all our clients. By implementing such a software testing technique, ThinkPalm helps in increasing the workflow and also satisfying the requirements of the client by providing them with the best services.

Our Software Testing Services

Software testing services are an organizational process where critical software in a business is verified to ensure their quality, reliability, and performance. ThinkPalm utilizes this testing to see that the product features and the business systems are operating in the correct manner as expected. Software testing in an organization helps in building new development features that relatively save the organization time and money by reducing the overall maintenance costs and also assures that the newly developed feature is working in the right manner without encountering any bugs. At ThinkPalm, we offer Testing as a Service (TaaS) that are led by a team of experts, who ensure the span of the entire product analysis such as load testing, security testing, usability testing and more.

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Our Testing Domains

  • Functional testing for web and mobile devices using the shift-left approach
  • Automation testing using CICD
  • Adherence to continuous testing
  • Based on API Documentation
  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing which can be integrated to CICD
  • For better data integrity
  • For testing large and complex data sets
  • Data quality and reduced data loss is maintained
  • Device-level testing
  • Cloud level testing
  • Mobile level testing
  • End-to-end testing

Our Expertise In Software Testing

At ThinkPalm, we have a team of expert technicians, experienced application testers and availability of different tools form an integral part and parcel of this software technique processes. We offer web application testing that is used to test the applications that are posted on the web, customs window applications and mobile applications, Datacom testing that covers a wide area of business and organization from the consumer, financial, government, healthcare, industrial and manufacturing to service industries, Logistics testing ThinkPalm guarantees that our clients are completely satisfied and receive the best service through this software testing service. We eliminate the poor software quality and improve them which results in greater customer satisfaction. Through these sophisticated techniques and the help of continuous verification, validation and quality assurance service, we bring in great advantage to all our clients. Testing services at ThinkPalm span the entire product life cycle. We have acquired deep domain knowledge in the fields of Datacom or Telecom., Networking, Wireless, CRM, Logistics, Web Applications, Custom Windows Applications and Mobile Applications. We offer an extensive library of test suites (for conformance and Layer 2/Layer 3 testing).

Our Testing Capabilities
  • Functional Automation- Robot framework, Selenium WebDriver, TestComplete

  • API Test Automation- REST- Assured, Robot Framework
  • Performance Testing- JMeter

  • Security Testing- OWASP ZAP, Nessus
  • ETL Tool- Talend: a new workflow management system, designed for modern infrastructure

  • Ensure that the data loaded from a source to the destination after business transformation is accurate.
  • Custom test framework using Java/ Python

  • Java/ Python can assist in test automation of all kinds of software testing.

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