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Automated software testing is crucial to application success in today’s competing business environment. At ThinkPalm, we employ top-notch QA automation tools and testers who implement innovative automation frameworks using the most advanced testing infrastructure. Moreover, ThinkPalm is a prominent QA automation company that offers a comprehensive range of both QA automation and test automation services that help reduce testing time with significant cost savings, thus enhancing application quality. Through advanced techniques and thorough quality assurance, ThinkPalm enhances workflow and ensures client satisfaction with top-notch services.


Our QA Test Automation Services

QA automation plays a crucial role in software testing services, helping organizations in ensuring the quality, reliability, and performance of their digital products. We at ThinkPalm specialize in providing top-notch QA automation services, which ensure that product features and business systems function seamlessly. Moreover, our comprehensive approach to software testing goes beyond mere verification. It involves building new development features and saving organizations time and money by reducing overall maintenance costs. This guarantees that newly developed features work flawlessly without encountering any bugs. Also, our Testing as a Service (TaaS) team, led by seasoned experts, ensures a comprehensive product analysis, covering load testing, security testing, usability testing, and more.

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Our Testing Domains

  • Functional testing for web and mobile devices using the shift-left approach
  • Automation testing using CICD
  • Adherence to continuous testing
  • For better data integrity
  • For testing large and complex data sets
  • Data quality and reduced data loss is maintained
  • For better data integrity
  • For testing large and complex data sets
  • Data quality and reduced data loss is maintained
  • Device-level testing
  • Cloud level testing
  • Mobile level testing
  • End-to-end testing

Our Expertise In Automated Software Testing

At ThinkPalm, our team comprises expert technicians and experienced application testers utilizing various tools integral to the QA automation processes. We offer web application testing that is used to test the applications that are posted on the web, custom window applications and mobile applications, and Datacom testing that covers a wide area of business and organization from the consumer, financial, government, healthcare, industrial, and manufacturing to service industries. Moreover, we bring great advantages to our clients through continuous verification, validation, and quality assurance services and eliminate poor software quality. Testing services at ThinkPalm span the entire product life cycle. We have acquired deep domain knowledge in the fields of Datacom or Telecom., Networking, Wireless, CRM, Logistics, Web Applications, Custom Windows Applications and Mobile Applications. Moreover, as a prominent QA automation company, ThinkPalm offers an extensive library of test suites for conformance and Layer 2/Layer 3 testing, ensuring the highest standards of software quality.

Our Testing Capabilities
    • Functional Automation- Robot framework, Selenium WebDriver, TestComplete

    • API Test Automation- REST- Assured, Robot Framework
    • Performance Testing- JMeter

    • Security Testing- OWASP ZAP, Nessus
    • ETL Tool- Talend: a new workflow management system, designed for modern infrastructure

    • Ensure that the data loaded from a source to the destination after business transformation is accurate.
    • Custom test framework using Java/ Python

    • Java/ Python can assist in test automation of all kinds of software testing.

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Here are a few frequently asked questions about QA automation.

1. What is QA Automation?

QA automation, or automated testing, is the streamlined process of using automation tools to test software applications and mobile apps.

2.How does QA Automation work?

QA Automation functions by employing automated tools and scripts to execute test cases, ensuring software functionality aligns with expected outcomes.

3. How do Test Automation Services benefit software development projects?

Test Automation Services streamline testing processes, enhance efficiency, maintain consistent software quality, and accelerate the delivery of dependable and error-free applications in software development projects.

4. What is the role of QA automation services in software development?

The role of QA automation services in software development is to streamline testing processes, improve efficiency, ensure consistent software quality, and accelerate the delivery of reliable and bug-free applications.

5. Why should organizations consider Test Automation Services?

Organizations should consider Test Automation Services for their ability to enhance testing efficiency, ensure consistent software quality, and expedite the delivery of reliable applications, ultimately optimizing the software development lifecycle.

6. What types of testing can be automated using Test Automation Services?

Test Automation Services can be applied to various types of testing, including functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, and integration testing, among others.

7. What tools are used in QA automation testing?

Popular QA automation testing tools include Cypress, Selenium, Appium, JUnit, TestNG, Cucumber, and others, depending on the type of testing and technology stack involved.


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