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How AI and IoT Can Be Leveraged For Citizen Security in Smart Cities

The term ‘Smart city’ has become quite popular these days. It denotes the urbanization or development of a locality leveraging the possibilities of the latest technological progressions. Unsurprisingly, many traditional cities have already turned smarter by providing a range of connected solutions and digitized public services to both the c Read more

Understanding The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in RPA

The world is facing a continuous change due to the ever-increasing scientific and technological development and innovations. These innovations in technology is growing in an exponential manner. With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, technology has drastically controlled the market. Individuals have become so dependent on its products Read more
Self-driving Cars

Self-driving Cars are The Future of Automobiles But Are They a Threat To Us?

Self-driving cars, in simple words “A computer-controlled car that drives itself”. It has a variety of sensors to perceive their surroundings ( like radar, lidar, sonar, GPS, odometry )and advanced control systems to interpret sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage. W Read more
Artificial Intelligence In Product Engineering

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Product Engineering

Today, we face a future of accelerated technological progress with the tools available to us, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence. With the tremendous innovations in industries, the tools used to reduce human dependencies are also being innovated beyond anything we ever presumed.  Today, fleets of vehicles are being monitore Read more
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