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Start, Camera, Action Replay 2017!

Start, Camera, Action Replay 2017!

Time sure flies! 2017 is wrapping up, leaving behind the memories of an action-packed year for ThinkPalm. The year saw us increase our clientele by an incredible 65%, set foot on breakthrough technologies, add a feather in our cap with the Great Place to Work accolade and many more. We took the plunge, learned from our mistakes, forged ahead with h Read more
Promising Values Beyond Profession

Promising Values Beyond Profession

Does an organization’s might depend solely on its technical competence? Or is there something beyond the four walls and professional relationships that add value to it?  A little zing, a little colour, a little emotion, a little change can go a long way in uplifting an employee’s morale and making him feel integral to the company. It was a bl Read more
Great Place to Work Certification

We’re now officially a Great Place to Work!

Though each ThinkPalmite would vouch for the incredible culture the organization upholds, having an official seal makes it all the more special and joyous! ThinkPalm is proud to announce that we have been Great Place to Work-certified! The certification program, advocated by the Great Place to Work Institute, India, encompassed more than 8000 organ Read more
A Look Back at ThinkPalm's Breakthrough Year - 2016

A Look Back at ThinkPalm’s Breakthrough Year – 2016!

2016 will forever remain etched in ThinkPalm’s history. It was the year of launches ranging from intelligent platforms to out-of-the-box applications to auditing solutions to routers. It was the year of recognition where appreciation poured in from our valuable stakeholders and ISO 9001:2015 certification was achieved for our paramount focus on q Read more
ThinkLife - ThinkPalm's CSR Forum

ThinkLife – Life has a Meaning!

ThinkPalm’s social philosophy pivots on our commitment to the wider society through various social initiatives. Serving the society is just not a practice but a culture at ThinkPalm. Together we discover the joy of service to humanity through our CSR forum ThinkLife. Every member at ThinkPalm contributes to our CSR initiative either through vol Read more
Ripple Effect - Disrupt, Connect and Expand

The Ripple Effect- Interrupt the Tranquillity and Bring Disruptive Innovation!

Have you ever dropped a stone into a pond to see how far the ripples expand? Have you ever been astonished by how far these ripples, formed due to the simple act of dropping a stone, reach? At ThinkPalm, our thoughts and actions are like a stone dropped in a water body that generate waves travelling outwards. ThinkPalm came into existence in 2010 Read more
SAKHI - Women's Forum of ThinkPalm

SAKHI – Kind Hearts, Fierce Minds, Brave Spirits!

During the early days or before the 20th century, the lady who stayed at home doing household chores and looked after her children, while her husband was out for work, was considered ideal. They were not treated equal to men and did not enjoy the same rights and privileges as men. In short, the role of women was conceived to be one of subservience Read more
Remembering my First, Action-Packed On-site Trip

Remembering my First, Action-Packed On-site Trip

It was my first on-site trip to United States. I was to travel to Champaign in Chicago for our customer, a leader in application performance infrastructure. I was not only very nervous about catering to my customer's expectations, but was excited too, as it was my first on-site trip! Whenever I ask "experienced" people about what I should expect an Read more
Life at ThinkPalm

Life at ThinkPalm…

Well to describe my association with ThinkPalm, I can say only one word "Wow!!". But this journey had some moments which were touching and require a special mention. The first and foremost thing I would like to mention is the bonding which the employees and management share. Attending marriages of colleagues has been like attending a family funct Read more
Potter's Wheel - Shaping up Innovative Solutions

Shaping up Solutions like the Potter’s Wheel in Action…

It is easy to transform fine-grained natural clay into magnificent objects using a Potter's wheel. This simple machine helps to shape and decorate the wet clay into a beautiful pot. Not just the wheel, potter's mastermind and hand movements also have key roles here. In the initial stage, the wet clay might be in an undefinable shape. It's the pott Read more
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