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An Introduction to DevOps DevOps is a collection of practices that automates the processes connecting software development and IT teams so that they can test, build, and release software quicker and more assuredly. The notion of DevOps is established on developing a culture of collaboration among teams that traditionally functioned in relative sil Read more
Internet of Things Challenges

Common IoT Challenges and How to Mitigate Them

The Internet of Things bandwagon is expected to gain momentum in the coming years, substantiated by popular stats including Mckinsey's that predicts 12.86 billion IoT sensors and devices to be in use in the consumer segment by 2020, and IDC's that forecasts the combined markets of IoT to elevate to $520B by 2021. Though IoT is certainly a key driv Read more
Conversational AI

Exploring the future of AI with Kirk Borne

Artificial Intelligence was embraced by businesses and industries alike in 2018 to enhance customer experience, improve business models and generate new innovations. PwC predicts the adoption to soar in 2019 with over 20%, out of the 1000 US organizations surveyed, planning to implement AI enterprise-wide this year. As AI empowers machines to grow Read more
SDN in Retail

Emergence of SDN in the Retail Industry

In the world of retail, the adoption of technology has never been more extensive. The inevitable need to deliver a customized and seamless experience to customers has led to the influx of varied technology services. In-store Wi-Fi, mobile checkout, video surveillance, electronic shelf tags – the list is ever-growing! Technology in retail is expec Read more
Rich Tehrani Interview on SD-WAN

Rich Tehrani Sheds Light Upon How to Sail Through SD-WAN in 2019

SD-WAN, the concept of SDN applied to WAN connections allowing enterprises to leverage a combination of transport services, has the potential to redefine businesses.  Though it is undoubtedly one of the hottest technologies of present times, challenges are abound and the rate of adoption has not attained the expected levels.  How will it fare in Read more
Antonio Grasso

Interview with Antonio Grasso on IoT & Digital Transformation

Antonio Grasso who began as a developer and software architect in the IT business has driven substantial projects for the Italian Government. Founder and CEO of Italian company Digital Business Innovation, Antonio is regarded as one of the top Digital Transformation influencers. Being a highly respected analyst, spokesman and an IoT expert, Anton Read more
A Deep Dive into the IoT Platform Landscape

A Deep Dive into the IoT Platform Landscape

IoT Platforms in 2018 The Internet of Things wave rode high in 2018 with the number of connected devices hitting a whopping 23 billion and over 60 percent of decision-makers using IoT-enabled applications to disrupt their businesses. The year also witnessed massive adoption of IoT platforms by businesses for seamless management of IoT infrastructu Read more
Katalon Studio

Introducing Katalon Studio…

As test engineers, we are well aware that reusability, scalability, improving test coverage and time and effort saving are the primary benefits of test automation. Currently, these benefits are being achieved through Selenium integrated with other third party tools. But the framework is now giving way to a powerful and free test automation tool – Read more
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