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OpenStack Networking

ThinkStack – ThinkPalm’s Private Cloud for MicroService Apps

In the traditional way of deploying an instance of an application in a VM or a shared machine, requires a lot of operational task, which involve setting up of runtime environments, installing dependent softwares, setting up databases etc. Scalability, Availability, Health Metrics are some of the important factors that we may need to address. This b Read more
Tackle the Photo Jumble - Photo Puzzle

“Tackle the Photo Jumble” Photo Puzzle

Photo puzzles can be absolute stress busters and is a walk down memory lane for most of us. Be it a means to while away time or hone your logical reasoning skills, nothing beats jigsaws. Game for a free jigsaw puzzle? Look no further! ThinkPalm’s Tackle the Photo Jumble provides a splendid slider puzzle solving experience for picture puzzle lover Read more
Astra Fleet Management Software - Dashboard

Comprehensive Fleet Management Made Easy!

Vehicle fleet management systems are becoming increasing popular as these can decrease expenses when it comes to managing drivers and simultaneously aid in running a well-organized fleet. Additionally, companies can create profiles of drivers through data feedback to the fleet management system. This helps in keeping track of the efficiency of driv Read more
ThinkPalm's DevOps Offerings

Innovation in IT Product Life Cycle through DevOps

The success of IT businesses by enterprises depends on multiple factors related to the development and release processes of various products and services offered by them. The extensive use of tools to automate, monitor and optimize different phases enables businesses to achieve improved customer experience and satisfaction. This is where the DevOps Read more
Feedback - Customer Survey and Analytics Application

Feedback – Customer Survey and Analytics Application

Why would you retain your customers? Simple! 80% of your company’s revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. So how would you retain them? Simple! Listen to them. Undertake necessary action based on their comments and feedback. Problem solved. Happy customers – increased revenue! Our Feedback Customer Survey and Analytics app Read more
InterPlay - Digital Signage and Content Management Solution

InterPlay – Digital Signage and Content Management Solution

In today’s age of exploding mass media and visual communication, consumers are exposed to a plethora of advertising messages. How do you break through all that advertising clutter and imprint your brand name in your target audience’s minds? It’s simple. Make sure your messaging is unique and dynamic to make it highly engaging for your custome Read more
A Day in the Life of a Test Lead

A Day in a Test Lead’s Life

In different companies, the role of Test Lead may handle similar kinds of activities but their engagement levels may vary based on the projects, clients, organizational processes and more. This article focuses on the lessons learned (or in the learning process) in leading a team of testers in software projects and product environments at ThinkPalm. Read more
Astra - Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System

Astra – Integrated School Bus and Student Tracking System

Are you always a bundle of nerves as your child's school bus speeds away every day and wait with bated breath till he or she reaches home safe? Do you, as a school transport manager, have concerns about the efficiency of your school's transport system? How about a fleet management system to track school bus and student status in real time? Astra, Read more
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