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BIRT Architecture

BIRT: A Trending Technology in Report Design and Analytics

BIRT, which stands for Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool, is a technology platform that is being widely adopted for open source reporting in present times. It is an Eclipse-based open-source reporting tool that provides powerful features such as design layout, data access and scripting. Open source BIRT consists of two main components: Read more
Cookie-Based Authetication

Top Methods to Ensure Web Application Security

Did you know that 9 out of 10 web applications contain at least two high-risk vulnerabilities undetected by security testing? Startling but true! In the wake of increasing web application security flaws hindering web application security, Open Web Application Security Project(OWASP), a worldwide not-for-profit charitable organization focused on imp Read more
MQTT High Level Architecture

Let’s Get MQTT Rolling!

MQTT stands for Message Queue Telemetry Transport. As its name suggests, it's a protocol for transporting messages between two points. Sure, we've got messenger and Skype for that; but what makes MQTT so special is its super lightweight architecture which is ideal for scenarios where bandwidth is not optimal. The MQTT high level architecture is pr Read more
Mobile App Performance Testing Approaches

Methods to Improve Mobile Application Performance

Here are some interesting facts regarding mobile usage across the globe. The world’s population, presently, is estimated at 7.4 billion, of which 5.5 billion people own a cell phone! And today, an ever-growing percentage of these devices are smartphones. According to a recent Pew Research Center Study, the number of users accessing the internet o Read more
OpenNMS Functionalities

OpenNMS – an Overview…

Networks, there is no skepticism on the paramount role it plays in any organization. But, what is vital to reckon is that, they need to be governed - particularly with the tangled network structures that endure today. In a fast paced industry, one would always want to narrow down the human intervention yet have a substantial yield, which defines t Read more
JavaScript Splice and other Array Manipulation Methods

JavaScript Splice and other Array Manipulation Methods

Recently, during one of the local JavaScript weekend workshops, one of the guys raised a question about JavaScript Array.prototype.splice(). He showed the below sample code: var a = ['apple','boy','cat']; var b = a.splice(0,2); console.log(a); // outputs ['cat'] console.log(b); // outputs ['apple'.'boy'] The question was quite simple, he asked Read more
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