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Virtual Reality

Is Virtual Reality the Technology of the Future?

Virtual reality is a computer generated environment in which humans can interact with the help of various devices. When we hear the term VR, what might run through our minds would be head mounted screens or gloves with sensors which help us interact in a VR environment. It would be hard to believe that VR has been around since the 1960s, taking va Read more
Machine Learning - - How the Internet is Growing a Brain

Machine Learning – How the Internet is Growing a Brain!

The Internet, or search engines to be more precise, has developed a stunningly revolutionary and equally complex network at its core; something not very different from the complex neural network of the human brain. While the brain is an incredibly complex network of neurons, the internet is an incredibly complex network of computers with billions o Read more
Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Xamarin

Understanding Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Xamarin

Mobile application development has been growing at a phenomenal pace in today’s world! Gartner’s quote “By 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion” testifies the exemplary growth. Smart phones have played a noteworthy role in shaping up the new market, creating a huge opp Read more
WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization – A Bird’s Eye View

WAN optimization is one of the fastest growing technologies in today’s tech world. It is a combination of techniques to increase the data transfer efficiency and to save bandwidth. According to Gartner, the WAN optimization market grew from $1 billion in 2008 to 4.4 billion in 2014. Let’s take a look at how it came into existence. The Econom Read more
Selenium WebDriver with Python

Selenium WebDriver with Python

Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. Though it might seem similar to QTP, Selenium focuses solely on web based application testing while QTP supports desktop based application testing as well. Selenium supports multiple languages and Python is one in that list. Using Selenium with Python, we can communicate with browser, sen Read more
MPLS VPN Applications

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is gaining a lot of interest these days. MPLS is not a recent development. It was defined  way back in 1998 by IETF.  Though it is practically used only in IP networks, theoretically it can carry many other protocols. It enables high performance traffic forwarding and quality of service traffic engineering. Read more
Benefits of 5G

5G – The Much-Anticipated Quantum Leap in Mobile Communications!

Recently we have started reading more about 5G which is considered as an emerging platform allowing growth in many industries. One of the promises offered by 5G is the data transfer rates up to several tens of megabits per second. Other offerings include low latency, improved signal strength with better network coverage. Looking at the history of m Read more
Data Transfer from Sensors to Predix Time Series

Gain Insights into Data Transfer from Sensors to Predix Time Series

Software has begun to influence our day-to-day lives. Each day we are using some sort of software, like switching on TV, locking our  cars, switching on our air conditioners, all using remote control. We are connecting devices to devices daily and I had not even thought about this connectivity until I started working on GE Predix. These activities Read more
Serverless Architecture

Serverless Architecture – Here’s a Clear Picture!

Today cloud services, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are widely used as they provide on-demand delivery of services and resources for all types of software. They are scalable, flexible and cost-effective. Cloud computing is evolving swiftly and serverless architecture is Read more
Standard Enterprise Deployment

SD-WAN – It’s Time for WAN to Evolve!

The conventional design of an enterprise network is to have the branch office WAN connected to the service provider’s MPLS network and backhauled to the datacenter so all the branch internet traffic goes through the MPLS link. This, however, causes more cost and delay in the current enterprise environment. The other approach is to have the bra Read more
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