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AR, VR and MR

Introduction to Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are all terms used interchangeably in many scenarios. But they have inherently different meanings in the realm of understanding these technologies. In this blog we cover the following: Difference between VR, AR and MR Displays and some of the trackers used Processing techniques and r Read more

Blockchain – Simplified

If you have been keeping an eye on the tech trends being discussed on magazines and social media, there’s a slim chance of missing the latest buzzword – Blockchain! Though IT influencers are betting big on this disruptive technology that is expected to transform all major industries, little is known about why it is garnering attention across th Read more
Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems – An Overview

An e–Learning repository contains resources for training at one place in an easily searchable, accessible format. LMS is a software application that helps companies store and manage course materials in a seamless, effective manner. It allows users with appropriate permissions to view and edit learning content. Nowadays, most learning management Read more
Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline

Test Automation in CI/CD Pipeline

In the year 2001, the Agile software development methodology changed the landscape of software development with the introduction of agile development. The agile movement centered on helping developers and small teams work smarter and more efficiently. Agile ultimately gave rise to new processes and technology breakthroughs aimed at streamlining an Read more
Virtual Reality

Is Virtual Reality the Technology of the Future?

Virtual reality is a computer generated environment in which humans can interact with the help of various devices. When we hear the term VR, what might run through our minds would be head mounted screens or gloves with sensors which help us interact in a VR environment. It would be hard to believe that VR has been around since the 1960s, taking va Read more
Machine Learning - - How the Internet is Growing a Brain

Machine Learning – How the Internet is Growing a Brain!

The Internet, or search engines to be more precise, has developed a stunningly revolutionary and equally complex network at its core; something not very different from the complex neural network of the human brain. While the brain is an incredibly complex network of neurons, the internet is an incredibly complex network of computers with billions o Read more
Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Xamarin

Understanding Cross-Platform Mobile App Development with Xamarin

Mobile application development has been growing at a phenomenal pace in today’s world! Gartner’s quote “By 2017, mobile apps will be downloaded more than 268 billion times, generating revenue of more than $77 billion” testifies the exemplary growth. Smart phones have played a noteworthy role in shaping up the new market, creating a huge opp Read more
WAN Optimization

WAN Optimization – A Bird’s Eye View

WAN optimization is one of the fastest growing technologies in today’s tech world. It is a combination of techniques to increase the data transfer efficiency and to save bandwidth. According to Gartner, the WAN optimization market grew from $1 billion in 2008 to 4.4 billion in 2014. Let’s take a look at how it came into existence. The Econom Read more
Selenium WebDriver with Python

Selenium WebDriver with Python

Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. Though it might seem similar to QTP, Selenium focuses solely on web based application testing while QTP supports desktop based application testing as well. Selenium supports multiple languages and Python is one in that list. Using Selenium with Python, we can communicate with browser, sen Read more
MPLS VPN Applications

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is gaining a lot of interest these days. MPLS is not a recent development. It was defined  way back in 1998 by IETF.  Though it is practically used only in IP networks, theoretically it can carry many other protocols. It enables high performance traffic forwarding and quality of service traffic engineering. Read more
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