Artificial Intelligence

Symbiotic Evolution of Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence , the computer technology that simulates human intelligence using smart electronics and high-power processing units , proved to be the most ambitious and decisive invention of the 21st century. Just as any ground-breaking innovation has ever did, AI too has been disrupting the digital landscape in scales that are enormous. With its human-like self-analytic skills and logical reflexes, AI has established itself as the flag-bearer of next-generation industrial revolution.
Since the palette of possibilities AI presents before global business scenario is so diverse and huge, it is essential that you need to be versatile with AI implementations in your business; and that is where ThinkPalm comes in.
Embark on a journey of symbiotic evolution of intelligence, and let us help you fulfil your AI aspirations. Join hands to learn and adapt with the latest AI trends. With our technological mastery, hands-on experience in handling AI projects, and your novel designs combined, let us strive forward to accomplish our goals.

What we offer

Facial Recognition

  1. Real-time facial structure analysis and recognition
  2. Biometric AI system developed and maintained by our experienced professionals
  3. Deployed in various sectors such as hospitality, security, health care, retail

Object Recognition

  1. Facilitated by Deep Learning and Machine Learning
  2. Recognition of objects using shapes, outlines, and structures
  3. Human-level identification of specific objects and figures and continuous tracking
  4. Real world applications like AI traffic control, vehicle automation, security, logistics, cinematography, motion tracking

Voice Recognition

  1. Computer analysis of human voice by auto-translation of audio signals to machine language
  2. Helps to interpret parameters such as language, words & phrases, voice identity
  3. Facilitates techniques like voice-activated security systems, AI personal assistant, digital voice data analytics, vocal communication between user and machine

Sentiment Analysis

  1. AI-assisted technique of interpreting user’s attitude and emotion towards a particular topic or situation
  2. Employable in digital writing, product reviews, User Experience Indexing, market research
  3. Makes use of natural language processing, text analytics, computational linguistics, biometrics etc. to understand the user sentiments

Chat bots

  1. AI bots that deliver real-time response and feedback to the user.
  2. Able to understand the user’s attitude, requirements, and emotions using AI techniques such as computational linguistics, natural language processing.
  3. Reduce dependency on human labor in personal assistance, consumer care and feedback etc.

Data Analytics

  1. Quantitative and qualitative techniques to enhance organizational productivity using data mined from consumer end-points.
  2. AI-assisted Analytics
  3. Platform to perform Predictive Analysis & Customer Churn Analysis.

What we have worked on

AI-assisted Retail operations

Person-of-interest Identification, staff access and control, human resource registry and coordination, inventory monitoring etc

Hospitality and Health care

Guest charting and personal assistance, guest counting, VIP recognition, staff control, health stats monitoring, Two-factor authentication

Finance and Technology

Mobile verification and payment, biometric security and verification, KYC check, mobile assistance and online chatbots, personalized services using data analytics and Machine Learning, wealth management services

Manufacturing operations

Labor force optimization, production line optimization, machine status monitoring and data analytics, automated quality control etc.


Personnel access control, facial recognition, object detection, ticketing, traffic monitoring, fraud abatement

Our AI Journey with You

ThinkPalm’s customer policy is to provide unwavering commitment to our clients for their delight and satisfaction Our dedicated team of experts employed in AI development strive to bring you to the frontline of AI users in the business world, and thus enhance your possibilities to achieve the ultimate goal of success. Together, let us venture forward to explore the true potential of AI.


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